Friday, January 2, 2009

Stop the Snot

I have seen enough snot this week to last a life time. Makaila, Hannah, Samantha and I all have the flu. Not a big deal for me being an adult. Except for the fact, that it is annoying and I am just plain tired from it. However, the girls are a completely different story. Remember, just taking a bottle is like running a marathon for them. Friday night I was actually scared because literally two minutes after bulb syringing their little noses they were full of snot again and struggling to breathe. I laid down at 5:30 am, when Josh took over, and was at it again at 7:30. We talked to the neonatologist about them. She said that babies are usually admitted into the hospital between days 3 and 5 of having symptoms. She also said not to lay them down and keep them elevated by putting them in a swing and increase their formula to prevent dehydration. Makaila was already a little dehydrated from losing so much secretion from her nose. Today is day 5 for Hannah, day 3 for Makaila and day 2 for Samantha. So we are not out of the woods yet. I think staying awake the other day, I got worse. So, last night after the 8:00 feeding I laid down to sleep (elevated but not in a swing). I woke up to Hannah screaming (not really unusual for her). I asked Josh if he needed help and he said no he just finished the Midnight feeding. I can't believe I slept that long (a whole 4 hours). Since the girls can't be left unattended in their swings, he gathered pillows and a blanket to lay by them. I went back to sleep and was ready again for the 4:00 am feedings. I am feeling better but Josh is exhausted.

I am sad to say that in 11 weeks of the NICU, yesterday was the first day that neither of us visited Sandra. I was heart broken and called often to check on her. The doctor said she would not hold it against us if we didn't visit, but if we did visit we need to wash our hands often. However, the three girls that are home require both mine and Josh's attention right now. Friday Sandra had n MRI of her brain. They did this because she is a micro preemie (under 1000 grams) of 785 grams birth weight. Her brain is of normal size and development. They did see some brain signals that may or may not be a reason for concern since she is developmentally the same as her sisters. It will be something that we watch (as a lot of things are with preemies). If at 6 to 9 months of age she is further behind her sisters, they will redo her MRI. I think she is begging to come home. She has not had a Brady in a while; not even an eating Brady. So, we are still on track to bring her home early next week. They are talking about adding a thickener to her food so that she will drink it slower. This is to prevent over exerting herself which could lead to a Brady.

Our friends Jonathan and Kerianne visited yesterday and brought us a much needed lunch. It was great to see them, and for them to have the opportunity to visit with the girls. We wish them all the best, but we miss them already because they have been such great friends and so helpful to our family.

Promise of pictures once Sandra is home!


Anonymous said...

I knew we forgot to get something...a swing for Mommie and Daddy.,,I can't imagine the amount of secretion to cause dehydration....the poor little girls. Hope you are through the worst and you will all dry up soon.
Glad you got some it's Josh's turn. Continued prayer for the "dry season" to start soon.

Dad and Mom

Anonymous said...

Hi cousin...

Wow! What a trip...I know how exhausting it was when I had just one at a time...and when my friend had twins, we set up night shift duty so the parents could get a stretch of sleep in and be rested for the day...but with 4...I can't even begin to imagine. It sounds like you have had some help...and what about meals? Make sure you keep the helpers lined up.

Are there any catering places in your neighborhood that will premake meals for you so all you have to do is heat and eat? I would be happy to contribute to that cause. Just let me know who to contact...

I enjoyed looking at all the photos. Wishing you and your little ones continuing health and growth and happiness...

Anonymous said...

Hey that catering idea sounds like a good thing, that would also reduse any extra germs being exposed to the girls which they dont need right now. Wish I could be there to help, sucks we are all so spread out.

You know I miss them terribly! Loves pictures! hint hint

Love Auntie Debbie