Monday, December 29, 2008

Our crazy life but we love it!

What was on the Duggans agenda today?

11:45 pm change 3 FULL diapers and feed 3 hungry babies
12:45 am lay down to bed
1:00 to 3:45 am check on Hannah since she is crying. all she needed was her mommy to walk around and rock her
3:45 am change diapers and feed
4:45 am lay down to bed
5:00 to 6:30 am check on Hannah; she is still fussy, she really likes mommy to walk her around
6:30 to 7:45 am finally got some sleep
7:45 am change diapers, feed babies
8:45 am Josh worked from home while Teri had tummy time, did dishes, showered and call 7 doctor offices
11:30 am change diapers, feed babies and change their clothes then get them in their car seats
12:30 pm leave for pediatrician apt
1:15 pm arrive at pediatrician
2:30 leave pediatrician office
3:00 pick up a quick bite to eat
3:30 Teri has a doctor's appointment (stomach problem; either stomach lining damage or gall bladder both caused from pregnancy) while Josh fed babies in the car
5:30 pm got babies home, changed diapers and put them to bed (can I go to bed? Nope, chores to be done!)
5:30 pm make bottles for the next 24 hours, laundry, trash night, dishes and tidy up
7:30 pm Samantha's bath time
7:45 pm change diapers and feed
8:45 Josh leaves to go visit Sandra while Teri finishes up with babies and chores
11:45 pm Josh gets home and we start all over again

So, as you can see we are constantly on the go and very busy. We take turns visiting Sandra. The girls did great at their doctors visit. Hannah got two immunizations. One was oral and the nurse said that she was the first to actually like it and ask for more. However, she didn't like her shot. Josh and I have been worried about Makaila's voice. It is very raspy, deep and sometimes soundless. Since she was on the ventilator the longest she has a greater chance of vocal cord damage. The doctor has referred her to an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor to be evaluated. We are to bring in the girls every two weeks for weight checks. Their current weights are: Makaila - 6 lbs 12 ozs, Hannah - 6 lbs 12 ozs (can you say identical?) Samantha 7 lbs 4 ozs and Sandra - 4 lbs 8 ozs. Hannah is again VERY congested and constantly needs to be bulb syringed. I actually think it is worse then before. The doctor seems to think it is from reflux. With that and a sore bottom from a diaper rash I can understand why she is fussy. She is fussy right now so I have to go check on her.


Building Life in AK said...

Um, yikes! Pregnant people should not read this post. I guess we divide by four, and are good. Let us know what is going on with Teri's tummy. Teri, with tummy issues-Nah...
Good luck with the three girls and a crazy schedule. We all hope Sandra can come home soon.
Roman LOVES watching the girls on the video!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to hear all the fantastic weight gains! Makaila has always been so quiet didnt think there might be something wrong withe her vocal cords. When does she see the ENT? Teri promise you will let someone help you with chores. You wont be able to keep that pace up for long. And imagine the caos when Peanut comes home! Whick hopefully will be soon. Man I miss them, holding them and smelling them, (inbetween diaper changes of course!) Does Hannah sleep at all during the day? That snuggly Josh bought you may come in handy for her, she would love to tag along with you while you did chores with her strapped to your chest.

Anyway, miss you all, take care of eachother. Love Auntie Debbie

Anonymous said...

Phew! I'm exhausted just reading your schedule. Don't know how you do it. Will continue to keep you all in our prayers. Wish we could help. Take care!
-Kim Rains

Building Life in AK said...

Well, it has been a few days, and we are wondering how you all survived the New Year. I am not quite sure if Sandra is home, but hope you guys are adjusting well with the 3 lil' ones at home.
We missed you and the fam during the New Year's festivities, and wish we could be closer to help out.
Love you all!