Friday, January 30, 2009

Sandra does not look good in BLUE!

SHHH you have two more hours until dinner!

By the end othe waiting for dinner time, I needed a pacifier!

I'll hold yours, you hold mine!

Today Sandra gave us a huge scare. While Josh and I were down stairs chatting away we heard the monitor alarms go off. No matter what we are doing we stop and run as fast as we can to get to her. We have had false alarms but you never know unless you check on her. Luckily, we took the alarms serious, like always. Sandra was blue and choking on her vomit. She refluxed so bad, it was coming out her nose and mouth causing her to be unable to breathe. Josh starting suctioning her and I was undressing her and trying to stimulate. It was a long several minutes but she started breathing regularly again. Thank God she had her monitor on or we would never have known.

That happened around 6:00 pm. The commotion must have stirred the rest of the girls because until their next feed they were all extremely mad and kept me and Josh on our toes. Nothing worked; bouncy seat, swing, tummy time, laying on their backs holding them or even rocking them. We each had to hold two pacifiers in their mouths and wait until it was time to feed them again.
Well, today was Josh's Birthday. He wanted a double jogging stroller (they don't make a quadruplet one) and mushroom burger for dinner. With help from his mom and dad he got the stroller. I had the hamburger thawed but with the commotion going on with the girls I never got to make it. We ordered his next choice, PIZZA and Buffalo wings. We slammed it down during the 8:00 feed in between burping the girls.


Debbie said...

Sandra, Sandra, now be a good girl and stop scaring your mommy and daddy like that. You poor little thing, I hope you feel better. I just love the pictures of them when they are all bundled together in a group hug.... soo cute! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSH!!!!!!!!! How is your grama doing? Teri sounds like you are doing a great job at even being able to keep up with the house hold chores!!! You are super mom! I especially am impressed at your planning ahead for christmas next year and have already put your tree up. :) well, that is one way to look at it. I remember one year when I realized it was well into Feb and the tree was still up, I said heck with it, it can stay up and so it did!
Tiffany had another great game! Lots of pressure, their main post was out with an injury and Tiff got alot of playing time, the reffs were HORRIBLE. But Tiff rose to the challenge and played her best game ever. I love wathcing her play. Just wait until your girls are all into sports, or play or recitalls, it is such pure joy to watch your kids do well at things they love.

miss you all. hugs and kisses all around, Love Deb

brittany said...

Wow!! I am so glad to hear that all worked out well with sandra. I am sure that made your heart stop. It sounds like you two are doing very well with the drastic change of being proud quad parents. I love you!

Anonymous said...

Thank God for the monitor! I'm glad all turned out okay. You guys are doing such a great job. Happy late Birthday to Josh! Take care.

Building Life in AK said...

Yikes! I don't even like reading about it, and I am sure that was very scary. You guys seem like pros, so it is reassuring that they are in such good hands.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Josh!!! I am glad you got the double stroller. Hey, your girls are so tiny, maybe you can squeeze them all in. We are also trying to find a double stroller (Mom told me I should have gotten the double, but I am calculating how long 2 of these BIG boys will actually fit in a double). Anyways, Happy Birthday, enjoy your stroller, we LOVE our Chariot and use it all seasons.
Hope Debbie, Stan, and Gma are all doing well.
Love, Us

Anonymous said...

That is terrifying!! I am so sorry. That happened to us with Reid when she was younger, but wasnt on a monitor (none of ours were) and we just "happened" to see it!!! It was the most terrifying moment to date. The next four nights we and our night nanny took turns holding her completely upright while she slept. It was awful!
Congrats on teh girls. Have you met Misty Urech yet? She has four girls too!!