Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sandra and Hannah are really struggling with reflux. They have to sit up and be close to us so that we can constantly clean up spit up. So, we bring them downstairs and put them on bouncy seats in a crib. I felt bad that Samantha hadn't been down with us in a while so I brought her down for a visit.

Sandra on reflux watch!

Maxine loves her sisters. She is so gentle with them. She sometimes beats us upstairs if one is crying.

And Josh wonders why he has so much cat hair on his clothes!


Anonymous said...

Maxine is such a good babysitter. She really is a cool dog. I bet the girls enjoy their "older sister" watching over them. They also seem to like being down stairs in the play crib. They dont want to miss any excitment!

Auntie Debbie misses you girls!

Jackie said...

Congratultions on your quads!!! I was happy to see a quad mom visiting my site. It is amazing how you can do when you have to do it. Do you have any upcoming deployments? Your girls are goregous!!! Hang in there. Jackie