Monday, June 30, 2008

The shipment of all the bedding for the cribs came in. Yeah! It is very cute and I can't wait to see them sleeping on it. I am still having good and bad nausea days. Yesterday was a very good day; today not as good. I am finding myself needing naps during the day again, probably because night time sleeping is difficult. This even with Josh reading me and the kids bedtime stories! I tried twice to go swimming yesterday, but both times I barely got in when we'd get thunder and had to leave. I will try again later this week.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Love from Nana

Amazing four new Grandbabies at once! They are loved already. Judging by ultrasounds they come complete with their individual personalities.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Hard work! Great results!

We can't believe that it has been a week already! We have accomplished so much, but we still have so much more to do. We have tons of things to talk about during this update. We are going to discuss the nursery, the doctor's visit, and the baby registry.

First, working in the nursery this week was an absolute blast. Debbie (Josh's Mom) bought four fabulous cribs, four crib mattresses, the crib bedding, two swings, four car seats, and all kinds of other trinkets that we haven't got to yet. We are so grateful, you can't even imagine! Nan (Teri's Mom) and Josh put all four cribs together in just under four hours. What a team! The nursery is really coming to life.

On Thursday (our anniversary), we had a doctor's visit to check the sutures on Teri's cervix. Everything was normal. To our surprise, we got to see the babies (what a great anniversary gift). We attached photos of the best ultrasounds so far. Baby A looks a bit mad, and he took out his aggresion on Baby D with a swift kick to the head. Can you believe we already have sibling rivalry! Baby B was obviously in deep thought. We have to say that to this point our doctor has been nothing short of outstanding.

Several of you have been asking about gifts for the babies, and now we have an outlet to fill those requests. We have completed a baby registry that you can access at .

Thursday, June 26, 2008

June 20th 2008-12 weeks pregnant

First, let me say that Teri had her surgery today, and everything went fine! However, she is very sore, and she needs to rest as much as possible this weekend. She is still very nauseous from morning sickness. By the way who called it morning sickness? It should be called 24/7 sickness. We had our two hour ultrasound marathon on Monday. Basically, they measure all the babies features (legs, spine, arms, head, neck, bladder and kidneys) to ensure they are developing normally. Everything was perfectly normal. Although, I did notice that the heads were measuring nearly a week ahead of where they were supposed to. They must take after Josh! We know that some of the pictures turned out blurry, but that is because the babies were moving around so much. They did not sit still the entire time. What we did see was truly amazing! They were sucking their thumbs, jumping, flipping over, jumping, rubbing their heads, jumping, balling up, and of course jumping. I think Teri is in for a very rough ride!

Our third anniversary is next week, and we were given an early anniversary present. Josh's extension was granted, and we can stay here for another year! This will ensure that the babies will be at least two before we move them. It also means Josh can take his time getting his MBA.
Finally, Maxine (9 month old Lab/Border Collie) was given a clean bill of health by the vet this week, and she can resume her runs with Josh. As you can tell by the picture, they couldn't wait to get started! We are going get a bunch of work done in the nursery next week so keep your eyes open for that.

June 14th 2008-11 weeks pregnant

Well, another week has gone by and we have been extremely busy. We had our first FOUR HOUR session with the OB. We have two more marathons next week. On Monday he have a two hour (as long as the little ones cooperate) ultrasound to measure the features to ensure the babies are developing properly (the doctor said she would need a drink after this appointment and she blocked off her entire day for it), and on Friday Teri is having surgery, a cervical cerclage, (two of the past three years Teri has had surgery on June 20th, Happy Birthday Kenny). Teri has been diagnosed with gestational diabetes and anemia which is common with quadruplet pregnancies. However, we still need to keep a close eye on what she eats. As you can see by the pictures, we have been busy in the nursery (as well as the rest of the house). I think we have come a long way already. Teri's mom has been the catalyst behind our progress, so a big thanks goes out to her! Next week, we are on a mission to obtain the cribs (the ones we want seem to be very popular), the changing table, and the baby swings. With some hard work and a lot of luck we could get the nursery finished next week.

06 June 2008-10 Weeks Pregnant

As you can see the babies are getting bigger by the day! Baby A is waving hello to all of you (it has also mastered the River Dance)! Teri was able to hear the hearbeat this week. I really missed out on that one! Fortunately for me, I get to paint the nursery this weekend. We procured two Graco Duoglider strollers, and I had a great time chasing Maxine around with one of them. We are anxious to meet with our high risk ob doctor on Monday. We have two pages full of questions ready for her.

14 weeks and Anniversayry

Alright, I think that with the previous posts we are now current.

HAPPY 3RD ANNIVERSARY! Josh's gift to me was to set up this website and a promise statement that he worte for the kids. It was so adorable. I got him 4 St. Louis Cardinals onsies. That really showed my love for him since I am a Giant's fan! But we realized that from now on gifts even for each other will somehow deal with the kids. Today started of with a visit to the ob for a post op check. I was shocked and excited that we got an u/s. We love to see the kids. It is so exciting! Mom has been here visiting from out of state, helping out and has been able to see her grand kids also. We are always wondering what they are! We found out today that Baby C might be a girl! I know that sounds funny but that is what they told us. After the visit, we went to the hospital that we will be delivering at and toured the NICU. We actually felt releived after the visit. It eased some concerns we had about the care the babies will be receiving.

I am still fighting the morning sickness. Nothing seems to help. And trust me we've tried everything! Certain meds even make me more sick. I have been having troubles gaining weight (remember I need to gain 75-100 pounds). But, I must have eaten enough this week because I am seeing numbers on the scale I never thought I'd see. I feel that I am growing by the day! I constantly feeling growing pains. Sleeping at night is not easy these days, the doctor actually wants me to take Unisom.