Sunday, March 7, 2010

Quarterly Update! ha ha

The girls outside for the first time with shoes on.

The girls enjoying some nice weather and getting ready for summer time!

Where have we been, you might ask? Ha Ha Well, all four girls are walking, or should I say running? I rarely see them on the floor now. Sandra is the only one that can not stand up in the middle of the floor still. So we've been a bit busier running with them. It is so much fun watching them play now!

A break down girl by girl;

Makaila has grown up so much lately. I am so proud of her. It is so hard to believe that on her birthday I was so worried about her. At that time she rarely rolled over. Now she is running and full of personality. She is so funny! She has caught up and is doing amazing! She is doing so well in PT that she will soon only have PT twice a month instead of twice a week. She has been wearing a TOT collar to help straighten her neck, something I heard about from a fellow quad mom. Between the collar and her running around she has made huge progress. She has the most teeth with 12 and her smile lights up a room!

Hannah is still the most vocal. Whether be happy or upset she'll let you know with her voice. She likes to repeat (in her own version) what I say. One of my favorites is when I say; "Hannah, Hannah, Hannah". It is so darn cute! She has the best arm! What does that mean? She throws her food and sippy cups the furthest. Most of the food on the lower three feet of our walls is from her throwing food. She actually got pasta stuck on the window the other night. And she is proud of herself for doing it.

Samantha last June was diagnosed 100% deaf in her left ear. Then after further testing was diagnosed hearing impaired in both ears. Well, she had yet another test that showed minimal low frequency loss in her left ear ranging to normal ranges. She should not have speech delays or troubles hearing. Alright long story short; she is normal. We are canceling her audiology impairment therapy. The teacher was the only person that she refused to talk to, silly girl. However we will retest in three months to confirm the new findings. On a more personal note; she is a "mini me". Anything I do she imitates me. It is very cute most of the time. However if I clean something she follows behind and rubs her toddlers hands in what I just cleaned adding cute adorable hand prints to what I just cleaned. She also is such a good helper. She hands me things; spoons off the floor that they all have thrown. She is very sweet with her sisters. One day Sandra was not feeling well and I allowed her to have her favorite stuffed frog downstairs (a rarity). Sandra had left it in the living room and Samantha picked it up and brought it to her knowing it is HERS.

Sandra was the last to walk but she didn't do it for long. She perfers to climb and run and always with a huge giggle. She is full of spirit and loves life. If she is upset she just needs her frog and her thumb while the others need more attention. So you say oh she is the easiest. Nope! She is the hardest to change a diaper, clean ears, bathe, dress, get in the feeding table, you name it! She is so darn wiggely! And you can't get mad at her because she is grinning from ear to ear while being a stinker!

One of my favorite times of day is when I hold somebody let them lean back and the oher three will run up and kiss the one I am holding. It is so precious! They giggle and giggle! They love their kisses from their sister! I think it is one of their favorite times of day also.

The last few days have been actually nice outside. We have taken them out back and let them loose. They love it! Today I was having them attempt shoes again. They are not big fans of shoes (not surprsing as I am not either). So we brought them outside to get their mind off of their horrible shoes. It worked for every one except Hannah. She hates socks and now she has socks and shoes on, not a good mix for her.

We have a big road trip coming up soon. So there has been a lot of planning and alright I'll admit it; stressing! There is so much to think about! But we will get through it and it will all be worth it. Look for lots of pics next time and find out where we ventured to.