Monday, February 1, 2010

15 1/2 months

Opening presents with Daddy

Visiting with Yancy from out of town!

Little miss climbers!

Birthday cake time!

The girls turned 15 months on January 17th. They had their pediatrician appointment and they are all doing good. Their current weights and heights are:

Makaila - 20 lb 9 oz/28.75 in
Hannah - 21 lb 13 oz/29 in
Samantha - 21 lb 8 oz/29.75 in
Sandra - 18 lb 2 oz/28.75 in

Makaila's favorite thing right now is to practice walking. During the day I put her back up against a couch and she walks from the couch to me and back. She gets upset when I stop and have to attend to other business. Makaila still has physical therapy twice a week with little results. So they have ordered her a neck collar to wear during the day to hold her head in a neutral position. And then she will wear an arm brace at night to prevent her from sucking her thumb. It is going to be very noisy at night here as her thumb is her best friend.

Hannah has really picked up walking on her own. She does not stand up in the middle of the room yet. But walks most of the day. She not only graduated from OT she also graduated completely from Early Childhood Intervention.
Samantha is showing more independence lately. She cracks me up when she is walking around holding a book and pointing at it and talking. It is the cutest thing ever.

Sandra, Sandra, Sandra, will be either in time out or the ER most of her childhood. She has learned to climb and loves it. She climbs up the ottoman, stands on the rocking chair arm and "surfs" back and forth and then flies onto the chair. She also loves to climb on the oven and push buttons. If she is doing something naughty and I tell her "No No" she just giggles and continues what she knows is naughty. She is taking steps but would rather climb.

The girls have been using spoons and forks lately. Yes, it is a lot messier but they enjoy it and eat so much better. Makaila and Hannah were not fans of dinner but now that they have utensils they will eat without problems. I have tried putting bowls in front of them and they just get thrown. Right now I put food on their fork and then give it to them. They also enjoy putting their spoons into pudding and getting their own. Did I say mess!

Josh celebrated a birthday and the girls helped him open presents and eat birthday cake. The girls just love Birthdays. Josh had a buddy in town visiting so he was able to go to a basketball game with him. We have been taking the girls on errands during the weekend, which actually has been nice. It is so much easier in the minivan so I'd like to continue to take them more and more places.