Sunday, January 4, 2009

Adorable Makaila

This picture of Josh does have a story. We have found that you need three C's in raising multiples; communication, comprimise (with each other not with the babies) and comedy. Josh had shaved have his beard as a joke. But, after several hours he got frustrated because I didn't even notice and stuck his face in mine. So, I had to take a picture! I am not sure what is more funny; my oblivious mind or his hair style!

Three of our favorite four!


Building Life in AK said...

Josh, who's that? Oh, the Daddy.....good job, Teri. I love his look and he should run with it.

The girls are precious and are filling out so much! I hope Sandra's bradys are cooling it, and she can come home ASAP!

Miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

I would have laughed if Josh got busy with the girls or something and forgot about his new look and went to work that way! At least he could have chalked it up to life with multiples! Adorable picture of the girls. Hope they are recovoering from this nasty cold, I am back to work today and not at the top of my game yet.

Take care, Love Auntie

Building Life in AK said...

Hey, just checking in with you guys. How did the ENT go? No rush, I will wait for the next update. Hope things are okay down there.
Love, us