Thursday, August 28, 2008

Another Hospital Visit

I had a quick hospital visit last night. My stomach still hadn't co operated. For all who know me, know that I have a sensitive stomach to begin with. I think that my stomach finally had enough of stress and diet lately. I was only at the hospital for IV fluids and IV antibiotics. I was released with yet another medicine to take. I am doing better today.

GUSTAV-We are watching this storm pattern very closely. It is to hit either TX, LA or AL. It is expected to be a major hurricane where ever it decides to go. I would not be as concern except for the fact things are more difficult for me lately. I also worry about being without electricity (AC, water and ability to cook).

Monday, August 25, 2008

My Rock!

There have been so many pictures of me, I wanted to get Daddy in on it too. The title says it all! Without him this pregnancy would be impossible. I appreciate his love and gentle caring for us girls every day. I know the girls are already wrapped around Daddy's finger. He spoils them already! He is incapable of entering a store without coming out with presents for them. It is adorable to watch! I love it! Thanks Josh for already being a terrific Dad!
I have been feeling pretty good lately! Once I stopped taking the new iron medicine things have settled down. Apparently, it was the pills that were causing my horrible stomach cramps and diarrhea! Neither were fun and were both difficult to deal with. Contractions have still been at a minimal. And I count my blessings for that. The back spasms have been not easy to cope with lately. Luckily, I have Josh to massage and rub in Icy Hot and Blue Imoo daily. In fact, I can't wait for him to come home because I am past due for a back massage. ha ha Josh is back at teaching and back in the books for his MBA. The poor guy is so busy! I guess it's preparing him for the four little girls!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Here are the pictures from our latest ultrasound. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Doctor's Visit

My mom arrived from out of state on Monday, and Josh's mom left today. Josh and I are so grateful to have such great parents that have really helped out. Thanks Dads for allowing your wives to leave for extended periods.

Yesterday, I had a doctor's visit. All 4 girls are growing and doing well. Sandra now weighs 10 ozs, while the other three weigh 14 ozs each. Sandra is growing but at her own pace. Yes, I am growing and gaining weight at a FAST pace too. They are all very active and have strong steady heart beats. Sandra has been watching the olympics too much. She has been practicing the uneven bars on my ribs. Ouch! After my appointment I had some slight spotting until this morning. I also started up with the stomach issues in the middle of the night again. So, it's constant rest and fluids for now. I have one or two contractions every once in a while, but I am still registering mostly zeros.

Friday, August 15, 2008

21 Weeks!

Wednesday I started with diarrhea. By the middle of the night I was very ill with horrible stomach cramps and by the morning I was unable to keep water down. The doctor had me go to the hospital for fluids. All 4 babies are healthy and doing good. I was still very ill and had to spend the night since I was still unable to keep food/water down. The final trick was potato chips. Yummy! I never did lose my appetite, I just felt awful. Apparently there is a bad flu bug going around here and I got it. I was told today that I could go home if I keep lunch down. On a good day I would never have been able to eat what they delivered. So, Josh kept it down and I am home. On the serious side, I feel much better and am able to keep home cooked meals down.

This all made me realize a couple of things: 1). I am not like I was before this pregnancy and have to be very careful. 2). I am not going to wish for a day of no food again. 3). Reassurance that I want to stay out of the hospital as long as possible. Don't get me wrong, the staff was good to me but I get so much better care at home. The food there, I wouldn't fed my dog. My hospital bed at home is so much better too. 4). That I have a large support group of family and friends. Thank you all!

I'm still struggling with acid reflux. I sleep a lot more now! Which might be that I am still anemic and am adding yet another medication for that. Boy, is it tiring growing 4 babies. They are all still very active! The hospital bed does make it easier to get in and out of bed. By increasing my fluids during the night has seemed to help reduce my morning contractions. So, I am having to get up more at night. But every time I get up I drink even more. Its a constant intake/outtake. Whatever works I'll do! Any one watching the Summer Olympics? Michael Phelps has got to be part dolphin. He is amazing! GO USA!!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Pictures from the Previous Week

We got some pictures from the previous week that are just adorable, and we just had to post them.

So Much To Update

First of all, I hit 20 weeks! Yeah! I had an appointment yesterday to see the babies. ha ha They are all still doing good. All their heart beats were strong and steady and they were all very active. Sandra is still measuring smaller than her sisters but is growing and healthy. I gained 5 pounds in 9 days. Thanks Deb for the great cooking. I never thought I'd be excited about gaining weight. hee hee My urine was better but I still need MORE fluids. The doctor is still pleased with how we are all doing! My next appointment which will include a 3 hour ultrasound is on the 19th!

Yesterday the hospital bed arrived also. WOW! It could not make it down our hall and fit in our bedroom so it had to go in the living room. I was given the "Cadillac" of beds. It is made out of parachute material and has about 40 air filled cushions that are adjustable. It also constantly inflates and deflates to help reduce bed sores and help increase circulation. It does help me get up and down. But I still need help getting into bed. We are still learning how to use the bed. Angus LOVES it! He is so funny! He is protective of my belly and wants to lay on it and doesn't like Moo Moo too close to me now. It is weird how animals react differently.

The hospital and doctor have authorized a camera crew in the hospital and during delivery. I am glad about that because I'd like to see the dvd in a year!

I am sad to say that Daddy needs to leave again for 4 days to San Antonio next week. He will be missed AGAIN! Hopefully, this will be the last trip for a while.

In case anyone was worried about Edguardo. We are fine. It was a little iffy at first. We were told to gas up and get supplies ready just in case. So, Josh did! I was most worried about losing electricity. I am a virtual heater these days and didn't want to go without AC or my filtered water. To tell you the truth we were affected wind and rain wise worse with Dolly which was 400 miles away.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

More Medicine!

How many medicines can one person take in a day? I guess that is a question I am on my way to find out! My acid reflux which casue choking, vomitting and spastic coughing has been getting worse rather than better. The doctor put me on a pill and a liquid. Both to be taken 30 minutes before each meal. Thats alot of medicine cosidering how many meals I eat a day. The good news is that I have not had contractions lately! Yeah! Above is a picture of the baby belly. Yes, I am wearing boxers! I put my cell phone on my belly to give you all a reference point of size. Oh, and yes I do have stretch marks. I started getting them not long after I bragged about not having them yet! Should have known!