Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Playing Catch Up!

First, let me catch you up on their last doctors visit. Remember Sandra had to go seven days without a brady in the hospital? When, now she has to have two months free of brady's on the monitor. YUK! I am already tired of the monitor. I am tired of seeing it in pictures, carrying it around, trying to stretch the cords as far as they go, hearing false alarms and just seeing her having to wear it. But I guess it is a good thing she still has it. She had a sleeping brady this morning. If she had waited 5 seconds, I would have been waking her up for a bottle. Luckily, it was a quick brady and she came back on her own. Sandra and Hannah are now both on reflux medicine. The doctor said it will not stop the reflux, it will just happen with a smile now. Apparently Sandra listened and Hannah didn't. Sandra is dealing with it much nicer. But Hannah still screams through hers. The poor girl!

The girls are all gaining good weight. I let the doctor know that we will continue to weigh at home and that it was too hard to bring them all in every two weeks. She was fine with us monitoring their weights at home. Yeah! Sandra and Hannah had their RSV shots this week. I must have tightened Sandra's car seat bed in too tight because we now can't get it out of the car. Josh and I are going to do our own car seat test on the 29th. If she passes, we will put her in a big girl car seat on the 30th to her next appointment.

I had my GI appointment yesterday since I am still having stomach pains. I will be having a EGD (scope down the throat to examine the digestive system) this Friday morning. Unfortunately, I have to be IV sedated and can't bring myself home. I am trying to find someone to come over that morning since we will miss the 8 am feeding. Wish me luck!

I feel like we are constantly playing catch up! Will I ever feel ahead of the game again? I doubt it! So, yes our Christmas tree is still up. Angus (the cat) loves it and the ornaments. And Maxine (the dog) loves to chase the cats under it. Heck, if I leave it up, it'll be one less thing to do next Christmas when the kiddos are mobile. Hum, I way to feel caught up. ha ha

S0, today G Ma and I played dress up with the girls. They had gotten some cute Christmas outfits that they had to wear. Yes, today the day that we welcome a new president, my girls are getting Christmas pictures taken. Well, we decided not to stop there. We actually got their Halloween costumes out and shoved them in. I do mean shove, they were preemie outfits. The hats all made rings around their heads. That is why all four have their pacifiers in their mouths in that picture, they weren't happy about the second round of dress up, 2 1/2 months late.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as we do!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe it...each picture gets cuter than the last...How is that possible when the first ones were sooo adorable? I love the latest shots and will print and post them for all to see. Can't wait. Thanks...I know how hard it is to find the time to do the posts..especially with picts. We really appreciate it.


Mom and Dad

Building Life in AK said...

I love the dress-up! The Halloween pic is out of order, it took me longer to figure out who each one was.
I am sorry Sandra still has to wear the monitor. You have done a nice job hiding it in most of the pics. Let me guess, you put it under Samantha, right?
We will be praying for Josh's Grandma and Debbie's travels. Thank God, the church seems very willing to step-in and I am glad you can get some help. What a blessing! It seems crazy busy for you right now, and you having health matters I am sure, doesn't help at all. Hang in there, sis. You guys have been doing such an awesome job!

Anonymous said...

So you were able to get them in those halloween and christmas out-fits!!!! Were ther is a will there is a way, and you DEFFINATLEY had the will! And it was worth it because they are adorable, cant stop looking at them! Give Debbie my love and tell her we are praying for peace in this difficult time. And you are probably getting your imaging down now, hope that goes ok. Please let us know. Love you all, Deb

Anonymous said...

The pictures are SO cute! I'm glad that you will be getting so much help from the church but understand your concerns. Hope your test goes quick and easily, which I'm sure it will. Take care!!