Monday, January 11, 2010

On December 10th, I fell down stairs. Last week I found out finally that I snapped off the bottom half of my tail bone. Luckily, my mom and Josh's mom came in for a few weeks to help out. They were here for Christmas which was a great gift. This was the first Christmas we were able to celebrate as a family. It was so fun to watch the girls opening their presents and playing with their new toys.

Samantha has been walking for a while now. Hannah is taking a couple steps and wants to chase after Samantha. All four crawl upstairs by themselves when it is nap or bed time. I just take one to the stairs and the rest will follow. It is so cute! Makaila, Hannah and Samantha each have 10 teeth while Sandra has eight. So far they eat whatever I put in front of them for the most part. They all love breakfast, lunch and both snacks. Samantha and Sandra eat the best at dinner time. Makaila and Hannah aren't huge fans of their veggies.

Makaila graduated from her cranial helmet and Sandra still is wearing hers. Hannah and Makaila are going to graduate from occupational therapy next week as they are doing great developmentally. Makaila's physical therapy for her neck has increased to twice a week and Samantha still sees an audiology impairment teacher once a week. I have had to duct tape more around the house in order to child proof. Gotta love duct tape.

Josh is starting his last semester of his MBA next week. Oh I can't wait for him to graduate. His work load with alleviate and will make more time for everyone. This semester he is taking two classes and teaching one so it should be easier than last one.

Thank you everyone with the generous gifts for Christmas! The girls are looking adorable in all the new clothes playing with all thier new toys!

I know we haven't had an update in a while. So, here are some pictures to make up for it.
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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sandra Mae

Where do I start with little Sandra Mae? From the moment I heard it was quads, Sandra was a concern. I was told in the beginning that we would lose her though she kept having a heart beat. Throughout the entire pregnancy she was asking for more attention by taking vacations from growing. She grabbed and touched many peoples hearts even before she was born. She is a fighter. Starting off only at 745 grams, anything under 1000 grams is considered a micro preemie, she was so small. I get choked up even now thinking about her birth. She had a long 84 days in the NICU. She struggled with Brady's (stopped breathing) which was later corrected with reflux surgery. She also struggled with anemia and premature bowels. She was the only one to pass her hearing tests in NICU. She was the first to climb out of her diaper. She was and still is feisty. The pediatrician likes to say that she did not read Baby 101. She does things at her own developmental pace. She was the first to be able to stand at furniture. She is so very strong. She hated to cuddle until her birthday and now loves to cuddle. She is so sweet! She loves animals. I often find her cuddling with the dog and petting her. She love pats us and her sisters. Her grin goes on forever and she is the most ticklish baby I have ever seen and she loves to giggle. Even though she is the only one of the four that has not caught up growth wise, she is so smart. She catches on to games and gestures quickly. She loves music and to dance. I think she has not caught up growth wise because she is a wild woman in constant motion.

Sandra you are an inspiration! You are a fighter and a true lover! It has been sure an immense joy having you in our family and we look forward to giggling, tickling and dancing with you in the years to come.

One year ago today was the first time I was able to hold all four at once, a day I will never forget. It was something I wanted to do for 84 long exhausting days. And I still love to sit on the floor and have all four girls on my lap. they have all grown so much and still find a way to make it work.