Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sandra update!

Sandra had a sleeping brady last night. She had two during the day; one in a bouncy seat and one while pooping but the doctor wasn't concerned about those episodes. But when she does it during sleep it causes a lot of concern. Sandra has been eating three ounces every three hours. That is more than the girls at home eat. And remember Sandra only weighs 4 pounds 14 ounces. The doctor said she is eating three times what her size baby should eat. She actually compared her to a truck driver. The new belief is that she is over eating causing reflux. Imagine how many of you felt after Thanksgiving dinner. Sandra is doing that every three hours. So, they are going to limit her (at the higher end since she loves her bottle). But she starts a seven day count down yet agian. I am so frustrated and sad. I am tired of the NICU and want my baby home. I hope and pray that this finally is the answer.

This coming week is a very busy one with lots of doctor appointments...

Monday - my ultra sound of my stomach
Tuesday - Makaila, Hannah and Samantha see the ENT for hearing test and vocal cord exam
Wednesday - Makaila and Samantha Synigis shots (to help prevent RSV; which they have)
Thursday - Samantha gets fitted for a silicone sleeve at plastic surgery for her arm

Luckily help is literally on it's way. Josh's mom and dad are on their way. Stan will stay for 9 days while his mom for at least a month. Josh goes back to work on the 15th. Our goal was to have me able to take care of all four without any help during the day by then. Kinda difficult when they aren't all home. My New Year's Resolution is to survive and do it with a smile. I am managing so far but the smile aspect will be easier when all my babies are under one roof.

My plan was to wait on pictures until Sandra was home, since the girls home are sick and I wanted pictures with all four together. But I know you all can't wait that long. So, we will work on that this weekend.

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