Sunday, February 22, 2009

Much Needed Visitors!

Daddy and his girls!

Three generations; the girls with their Daddy and Grandpa1

Samantha welcoming Sandra home!

Giggely Samantha!

Happy Hannah!

These girls sure are cute but they are a handful!

The girls love their Grandpa!

After a very difficult week, we ended it on a high note. Josh's dad and Linda flew in to visit for the weekend. The extra hands were sure appreciated and much needed since Josh and I were physically and emotionally beat. The girls really enjoyed the visit with their Grandpa. It was so cute to see them all with him. Thank you Linda and Dad for all the help!

Friday the girls had their four month immunizations and well check. As always, we had a lot of questions. We really like our pediatrician. She is caring, full of info and very patient with us. Some great news came from the appointment. Hannah NO LONGER has a heart mur mur; which means her PDA has closed up. Makaila, Hannah and Samantha are growing like weeds so much that we were able to switch their formula. They are doing so good they are even close to the four month size graph (even though they are 2 months adjusted). Unfortuately Samantha still has her heart mur mur. The doctor said she doesn't think it sounds like a PDA and has referred her to a cardiologist for a repeat echocardiogram. Sandra, is well below the growth charts (even for a two month old). It didn't help that she lost weight in the hospital. She is still on the premmie formula. Our hope is that she will start to catch up now that she can enjoys her bottles. Oh by the way, the sugery she had shrank her stomach. She now has to eat at least every two hours. So, she is on her own schedule.

Hannah and Samantha were retested for their hearing tests. Hannah passed with no problems. Samantha still did not pass her left ear and will go back in May to retest AGAIN. Makaila's voice is still concerning. She is now going to be referred to another doctor with the possibility of doing a scope on her to see what sort of damage took place. Samantha now sees a physical therapist once a week for her arm. Luckily, he comes to the house for the visits. She absolutley hates her daily deep massages. We were told if she cried during her five inute massage we were doing it right. It is just awful to have to inflict pain on her daily. It makes Josh and I want to cry when we do it.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Good News, bad news, Great News, AWESOME NEWS!

Hello everyone, it has been a long time since I (Josh) have joined the Blogosphere, but I am here now to give everyone this SPECIAL update. It has been a trying week to say the least, and many of you already know much of the story. However, I am going to tell it from the beginning (so to speak). It started February 1st when Sandra began to spit up, at least some portion of, every meal. Teri and I tried everything from burping her every ounce to having her sleep in her bouncy seat to minimize her spit up. IT DID NOT WORK! We began to think that she developed an allergy to her formula, and we called her doctor for advice. She showed immediate concern, and scheduled Sandra for an appointment later that week. I was able to take Friday the 13th as a telecommute day, so Teri could get Sandra some relief. I kissed them both goodbye that morning, and I did not see them again until the following Thursday! Sandra was admitted to the hospital that day with the fear that she had malrotation of the intestines and severe acid reflux. The good news is she did not end up having malrotation of the intestines because the surgery to correct that would require her to be opened up. Unfortunately, the bad news was that her acid reflux was severe enough that they had to perform an operation to cure it. The great news is that the surgery ended up being a success, but the bad news is that Sandra's medical care was malicious (for lack of a better term). She was not tended to properly! The excellent memories we had with this hospital has been tainted forever. I don't want to go into great length will all the issues that Teri and Sandra faced during the stay, but I will list a few things that went wrong. First, the doctors were never on the same page. For instance, Sandra was due to be discharged and treated as an outpatient on Saturday; she had her surgery on Monday without being discharged. Sandra's stomach was extremely bloated, had blood in her stool, and could not keep food down by ten thirty in the morning the day after surgery, but she wasn't seen by a doctor for it until six thirty that same evening. Even then, the doctor was rude and unhelpful. Thank God, Sandra is so strong and that her mother would not and did not leave her side during her visit.

Sandra after her surgery with her little swollen belly. She is home now feisty, hungry, and lately she is has become comfortable.

Teri and Sandra back home exhausted from their week long stint at the hospital. I missed them both terribly, and I am so happy they are here to help me take care of their sisters.

So, what were the other three girls up to while up to while Teri and Sandra were at the hospital. Well, let me tell you! They were absolute angels (now that I look back)! Makaila, Hannah, and Samantha all must have gotten together and decided to go easy on me while Mommy and Sandra were in the hospital. I must tell you, that several times during the week I didn't think I was going to be able to handle it, but the girls always pulled me through. Did they fuss and cry? Oh yeah! Did they require 242 diaper changes? You bet! Did they consume 500 ounces of formula? Yes they did (well at least 450 the other 50 was on the bibs, burp cloths, and me)! However, let me tell you what else they did. Samantha always met me with a smile and a giggle. Also, we were having issues with her wanting to eat, but she started eating so much that we actually had to start feeding her five ounces a meal (up from four). As a result, she gained half a pound while Sandra was in the hospital. Makaila, helped me out by starting to drink from a medium flow nipple, and her acid reflux remained under control. Hannah was on her best behavior for me. Normally, she throws about four temper tantrums per day, but while Mom was guiding Sandra through her terrible ordeal Hannah kept her tantrums to a minimum. She must of known that Dad needed her help. Another huge help the girls provided was that while Dad was teaching his class via virtual teleconference they played nicely on their swings and bouncy seats. Thanks again to the wonderful volunteers that watched over them while my class was in session. Above all else, the girls were so helpful by going to bed every night after their midnight meal and sleeping until seven or seven thirty the next morning (a trend that they have graciously continued). Thanks again for all your help girls!

On Valentine's Day, we thought Sandra was going to be released from the hospital to be treated as an outpatient. We were shocked, but at the same time happy Mommy and Sandra would be coming home. I decided to surprise both of them by dressing the girls in their Valentine's Day Outfits.

As you can see by the picture below, we were upset when we got the news that Mommy and Sandra was not going to be coming home! As Sandra was being discharged, surgery called and informed them that not only was she staying, but she was scheduled for surgery on Monday.

It is always nice to play dress up, but we sure did miss them!

Last week was quite a test for our family! I am proud to say that we got through it the same way we started, as a FAMILY!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Fussy or not, here I come!

The last week or so the girls have kept us on our toes and testing how much we can take. We now have had three of the girls turn blue on us due to choking on their vomit/reflux. No matter how many times we have had to turn someone upside down and suction them it doesn't get easier. They have all been fussier and they are getting louder by the day. It's funny, I am getting used to the constant noise now. They are all requiring more attention and wanted to be held more.

Makaila's most recent habit is to suck on anything she can reach. We once caught her sucking on Samantha's cheek. Today she found her thumb and was latched onto that for awhile. She is still the least fussiest but loves to be held. She requires the least amount of help with bottle feeding. She now weighs 9 pounds 13.5 ounces.

Hannah misses her G-Ma and wants to be held 24/7. She loves to cuddle and snuggle. She lately has been wiggling in her bed until she gets on her side and then rests comfortably. She is most definitely the loudest. She also has such a sweet personality also. She now weighs 9 pounds 5 ounces.

Samantha has starting really noticing silly things Josh and I do. She loves it when I play silly games with her. She also likes it when I shake my short hair across her forehead. I don't know if she is laughing at the new do or if it tickles her face. She is one the babies who turned blue on us. Once she recovered, her injured arm stayed bluish purple for about half an hour. She had a plastic surgeon appointment today. I asked the doctor about her circulation. He said that her superficial veins were damaged but will connect on their own as she grows. So, the circulation may not be at its best right now. He was pleased with how the arm is healing with the silicone sleeve and will continue to watch it. Her next appointment is in six weeks. She now weighs 10 pounds 4 ounces.

Sandra, where should I start with her? She is going to make my hair turn grey. She is still having brady's, even during her sleep. So, she will be attached to a monitor for quite some more time. The new medications are not helping with her spitting up. In fact, she is worse. She now even is spitting up partially digested formula 3 1/2 hours after she eats. She goes through at least three outfits a day. She has an appointment to see the doctor. `She had her first ride in the swing and she enjoyed it. She also graduated to the same type of bottle the other three girls are using. That will make bottle making easier for us. Her bottles are smaller but not by her choice. She is still by far the most wildest and spunky. I still can't believe how strong she is. She still wears preemie clothes. She now weighs 7 pounds2.5 ounces.

Sandra and Samantha cheek to cheek.

Move over Sandra, your taking up half the bed.

I just loved this outfit on Samantha. She was dressed for her plastics appointment. She is not wearing her sleeve is this picture because I was giving her a break from it. Or was it I was too busy to put it back on after the appointment?

Hannah receiving much needed kisses from Daddy!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Special Bond

This picture is so precious! I hope they are this close when they get older. The bond that these four girls share is something so special. But no one will understand the bond that Makaila and Hannah share.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lesson Learned

Hannah in her banana orange sherbet outfit - orange shirt yellow pants (Daddy dressed her).

Sandra's current bed. If we put her in her crib she chokes on her vomit. So, she spends most time in a bouncy seat.

As often as I put socks on these girls they fall off. But, I don't mind I love their cute little toes. Plus, we live in TX where it is warm.

Makaila loves the swing!

Samantha is a great pillow!

Sandra and Samantha chatting away! Sandra now gets to be on tummy time since the last couple times she hasn't had a brady. She enjoys tummy time with her sisters.

How can this possibly be comfortable?

No, this is not Gymboree, it is our Adult game room turned into a baby's dream room with all the fun things to play with.

I learned a big lesson today. If you are looking for a make over or just a major change in hair style don't go to a drive through. Alright, it wasn't a drive through but it might as well have been. Here comes a true story!

Some of you already know the beginning, so bare with me. When we first found out we were pregnant we were told we were expecting twins. When we went back for a follow up ultra sound we were informed of triplets. That night I told Josh (jokingly) "If I go back and they tell me quadruplets, I am going to the nearest barber shop and getting my head shaved." I have had long hair for a quite a while now. But not thinking quadruplets were ever a possibility that was what I planned. I figured if it were true I would never have time again to do my hair. Well, here we are 3 1/2 months into raising four girls. I have not had time to do my hair. I got tired of the silly pony tails and decided to get my hair cut. My hair has not been healthy due to the pregnancy and the pony tails were not helping.

So, today I went to get my hair cut. Now, I knew I was really taking a chance going to once of these quick, no appointment necessary places. But I figured, I'd take my chances. I knew that I wanted shoulder length and a hair style that didn't require a lot of maintenance. I wanted a "wash and go" style. As I was sitting waiting for my turn I saw a picture of exactly the cut I wanted on their wall. I thought to myself, they must have people ask for that cut often and they should be able to do it easily. Boy, was I wrong! Speaking of "boy", I look like a boy! ha ha I keep telling myself that it is just hair that it'll grow back. And it better as it is no where near my shoulders. The lady cut one side too short and fixed it by cutting more off both sides. I know, I don't get it either.

The girls are doing great and don't seem to mind my new do. I took Makaila and Samantha to the doctor to day for their RSV shots. Makaila gained one pound and Samantha 1 1/4 pounds in the last month. I went to the doctor today and my biopsies were negative. I have stomach lining damage (ulcerated areas) due to the reflux during pregnancy and IBS. I was put on a new medication to help with the pain.

It was been fun to see the girls growing up lately. They are starting to hold their heads up and straight, not for long but they are doing it. If Sandra is upset and we enter the room her whole face lights up and she gets excited. I have seen Samantha smile so big it was a giggle. She enjoys Daddy playing with her button nose. Sandra has been very colic lately, spitting up after every meal and at least half of it so we started her on a new medicine today. I hope it helps. Sandra and Hannah are on two different meds that they take four times a day but 30 minutes prior to a feeding. It makes it difficult. First we have to wake up during the night earlier to give it to them. And secondly, if they are resting, we have to wake them up and then they remember they are hungry and will cry for that 30 minutes until they can eat.
We are all doing great! 54 more days of RSV lock down. Not that we will be going very many places once April 1 st comes along. But, it won't be a scare if we had to. I do know that neighborhood walks will be had and Daddy is going to take the girls running starting in April. I can't wait. Maxine has a fan club so I know the girls will get one too. Hope everyone is doing good and are healthy.