Wednesday, January 28, 2009

On our own!

Makaila resting peacefully!

Superbowl dosen't start 'til Sunday Honey!

Slumber Party!

Resting up for play time!

Sandra just loves her swimming fishies!

Hannah enjoys her bouncy seat!

Sandra props with a giraffe toy!

Samantha enjoying her dinner!

Makaila and Hannah devour their dinner!

When we found out that Debbie may have to fly home, I asked for outside help. A very sweet and generous lady became our orgainizer and help was on it's way. We had volunteers for two to three of the feedings a day. We met many ladies that were all so kind and willing to help our family. On Sunday, the day Debbie left, Hannah woke up congested. Monday, Makaila and Samantha started followed by Sandra. No not agian! It was absolute horrible for the girls and us the last time they were sick. So, I decided to buck up and go in total RSV lock down, no more volunteers or visitors until April 1st. We are still receiving dinners every other night which is a HUGE stress reliever.

I am managing so much better than I thought I would. The dishes are actually clean, laundry done and I even vacuumed the up stairs today. Granted I have to stop ten times during a chore because one of the girls is fussy but I am getting it done. However, the Christmas tree is still up. I am hoping that Josh and I can get it down this weekend. I am very busy and at times hectic but who said being a quad mom was easy. During the feeds if someone is causing more challenges than necessary (usually Samantha latley) instead of stressing about it, I pick them up and give them hugs and kisses. I also think about how fortuneate we are with our four beautiful girls. I think about the less fortuneate moms and it gets me through the rough patches.

I find myself doing something I never thought I do. I smell so many butts a day it is crazy. You see the girls get a new diaper before every feed and if they poop. Well, they all have gas, so if I smell something I check by smelling butts. If it disapates, it was gas if it lingers they need a diaper change. Another thing I find myself doing is that I can not sit in a rocking chair without rocking now. I actually try not to rock and I still do.

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Debbie said...

I know you have been so incredibly busy so have not pestered about the lack of pictures on this blog. Well, it was totaly worth the wait. They are so stinking cute! You are so lucky to be able to hug and kiss them all day long, I miss them, and wow are they getting big! The one of Daddy and the girls is precious, Samantha looks like she is having a blast with Dady, and she does look more and more like you all the time.

How is your stomach by the way? And any news on the biopsys'

Luv Deb