Friday, December 25, 2009

Hannah Lee

Christmas has always been a special holiday for me so to have my due date on Christmas made it even more special (if that was possible). So bringing home our third baby on Christmas was such a huge blessing, which Hannah has been.

Hannah had a relatively "easy" NICU stay, if that is possible. She had no major issues! She would have come home earlier except a cold that kept her there a little longer than Samantha and Makaila. I was so happy to have Hannah home with her sisters but especially her identical, Makaila.

We knew early on (even in utero) that even though they are identicals they are very different especially their personalities. Hannah knows what she wants and gets it. Our house got much louder when she came home. And to this day if she lets loose one of the screams I look around to see if she shattered a window. Her screams, so far, have been out of joy and happiness. We can find out fast if she likes a meal as she shriels when we bring the food to the table. She is a true lover. I started to put my forehead on the girls when I kissed them so we wouldn't head but and hurt each other. She has turned that into her form of affection. She gently head butts with a huge smile. She will even chase down a cat to head butt him. She loves to cuddle. Hannah has been a protector of Makaila. If something is going on with Makaila during PT that Hannah doesn't like she lets everyone know. She has been called the "Chairmen of the Board" as she is the one to check out incoming guests and gives her approval. We think that she will be the talker of group.

Hannah, even though it is a lot louder in our house since you have been home, some of the extra noise is all of us laughing at your humor and jokes. You have been a true gift to Mommy, Daddy and your sisters. It is a joy to have you in our lives and we look forward to the years to come with y0ur affection and comical sense of humor! We love you!

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Have you ever wondered how GRANDmas got their name? Two weeks ago I had a bad fall down the stairs. Luckily, I was coming down from carrying the last one up to nap. Once Josh speed home and called 911, I sat there and wondered what I was going to do with the girls. Fortunately, Friends Lynn, Kristen (a fellow quad mom), Jose, Michelle and their two wonderful boys came without hesitation to watch the girls while we were gone. Thank you all for your frienship and support. After explaining our situation to the ER doctor he said I needed help for two weeks.

As soon as we left the ER Josh and I were on the phone to our Mothers (mine in Washington state and Josh's in Missouri). Within 14 hours my mom was on a plane and Josh's Mom got here the following day. They put everything on hold for us (yet again). They came with their sleeved rolled up and smiles on their faces. The girls have been having a great time playing with their GRANDmas. The love is truly amazing. It kills me not to be able to help my girls but Josh and GRANDmas are who I truly appreciate while I am down. The girls are in great hands and enjoy the extra loving hands.

Here we are two weeks after the fall and the orthopedic surgeon said it would be another four weeks until I can care for the girls. I go for a bone scan on Monday as xrays and MRI's show too much swelling for a diagnosis.

My whole point here is that we know that GRAND comes from the everlasting love and that they will do anything and everything in their power to help their grand children. Being military we don't live near family and have a lot of holidays away from them. However, the girls GRANDma put their lives aside and will be here for Christmas. A true present that only can be wrapped with love.

Thank you Manana and G Ma for being GRANDmas.
And Merry Christmas Eve to each and every one of you!

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Makaila came home to us on December 12th, 2008. Even though the year has literally flown by, it is difficult to recall a single memory in this house without her. She is such a blessing! Makaila has had her strugglese. She spent 56 days in the NICU, and she suffered from respiratory distress syndrome (which has left her with a mildly hoarse voice) . Once she came home she has had her bouts with reflux (which she still struggles with), and she has taken longer than her sisters to sit, roll, stand, and babble. However, she has stood strong in the face of her adversities!

Makaila gets stronger every day, and she is quickly catching up to her sisters in everything they do! Even though she was the last to crawl, she was the first to crawl upright. Maybe she is just a stickler for form. She is a slower crawler than her sisters, but she doesn't miss out on anything. In fact, yesterday she was only one step behind Hannah during their climb up the stairs for naptime. Makiala's voice has been healing and when she talks everyone (Hannah, Samantha, Sandra, Mom, Dad, and Maxine) listens intently because it is usually a profound statement or an exclamation of joy. Perhaps her most wonderful attribute is her glorious smile! It gleams from ear to ear and shows off her seven beautiful teeth (the most of all the girls)!

We love you Makaila, and Thank You for making our home so Happy!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


One year ago today, Samantha came home from the hospital after 54 long days in the NICU. She has grown so much in the last year. She has had to go through alot with her arm, heart, audiology and cranial band. Through and through she has been a very happy baby. She wakes up in the morning giggeling and giggles most of the day. The smallest things make her laugh. She has an infectious laugh. I'll have to admit when I need an uplift, I ask her what is under her chin, she immidatley starts to laugh and I tell her that it is "Mommy's". She is so strong and she knows it too. She uses her strength to get things done. She is usually the one to get into things (ex. cabinets) and is so kind to share with her sisters as she hands off the collected loot. She loves affection and attention. Samantha, Mommy and Daddy are so very proud of you and look forward to the years coming with your joy and happiness as you continue to grow!