Friday, September 25, 2009

Growing up too fast!

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My babies are growing up too fast! They have sprouted in the last couple weeks. They have decided that they no longer are babies! I beg to differ! They will ALWAYS be our babies. They will NOT eat baby food any more and want to feed themselves. They will NOT wear a bib. So their diet has completely changed. For breakfast they get a grain (toast, waffle, English muffin, cheerios, Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes) fruit (banana, pear, strawberries, peach, apple sauce). For lunch a meat (ham, turkey) dairy (cheese, yogurt) grain (crackers) and sometimes a cookie, fruit (pineapple, avocado, melon, cherries, blue berries, apricot) and dinner a meat (chicken tenders, rotisserie chicken, boiled chicken, meatballs, hamburger) veggies (all) and a starch (tator tots, baked potato)and sometimes dessert (ice cream, pudding). It takes more time and thought now to prepare their meals. But they love it! They love to feed themselves! Oh and I can’t forget the occasional dog food if we forget to pick it up while they are down stairs.

Hannah, Samantha and Sandra are all getting faster and better at getting around. Samantha has turned into a climber. She has climbed in the dishwasher, refrigerator, cabinets, onto the shelf of the changing table, onto the couch (via a basket) and even on top of the dog and her sisters. Samantha and Sandra are (listen closely) taking steps while we hold their hands. Samantha has stepped around things while holding onto a toy or something also. They prefer to be upright now! Makaila, on the other hand, needs work. She just had a physical therapy eval. The good news is that she is capable but doesn’t have the will or the strength. She is much weaker in leg muscle tone and also needs stretching exercises for her neck. She needs one on one work. Very difficult considering when I sit to work with her I literally get attacked by the others. Samantha and Hannah fight over me and get jealous. However, they work as a team to accomplish something.

It is so fun to watch their personalities grow. Sandra will caress her sister if one is upset. She wants to know where we are but doesn’t mind playing by herself. She is funny and loves to laugh. She is petite in frame but is mighty STRONG! Samantha is definitely a people person. She does explore but loves to be around us. She is built strong and sturdy and isn’t afraid to use it. She loves to giggle and please us. She adores to be congratulated. Hannah; when I think of Hannah I laugh. She is very comical! She loves to make us laugh. If we find it funny she will continue it. However, do not mess with her world. She will let us know if she is upset (at the top of her lungs). Makaila is quiet, subdued and loves to just take it easy. But, she does watch every move everyone makes. She surprises us when we think she can’t do something, she all of a sudden do it. She learns a lot by watching not doing. All four love to be loved. They adore attention, kisses (and even give kisses), hugs (will reach out for hugs) and have a lot of fun with each other.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Feeling Better, Helmets and More

Some additional pics that didn't fit on montage...Enjoy!

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What have we been up to? Oh so much! Makaila, Samantha and Sandra received their cranial helmets on the Thursday the 3rd. They are the smelliest things ever. The girls hated them at first and it caused for a noisy house. Heck, when isn’t our house noisy? They have adjusted well to them now though!

Two of my fears since I found out we were pregnant with four came down on us on the same day. Last Saturday we went to the store to purchase their next stage of car seats. After months and months of research we chose one that best fit us (we thought that is). They didn’t fit in our Yukon. So, we ended up purchasing a different one. And to be honest four don’t fit rear facing. So Sandra who hasn’t grown out of the infant seat will be in that until the other girls can forward face. It was a good thing that we bought them because that same day they came down with a bug. They all had to sleep (cried and tried to breath) in them for several nights. By Monday night (Labor Day) we decided to take Makaila to the ER. She received a breathing treatment and medicine. Here a week later they are much better but still have runny noses. Josh and I slept (yeah right) in the nursery while they were sick. We sucked snot more than slept. One night Makaila was so congested that she could only rest on my chest in a recliner. I am so glad they feel better now!

We started bathing them all at once in our big tub. They love it! They have so much fun splashing, kicking their feet (and each others feet) and playing with bath toys. It is hard back breaking work but pushed into a smaller amount of time, rather than bathing one at a time. So it works for us! They are getting really good at finger foods. But we I have to vacuum after each snack as they get crumbs every where. I also have to let Maxine outside when they get a snack. I tried giving them a cracker in their jumperoos and exersaucers but they actually put their hands out and feed the dog.

Samantha is starting to try to pull herself up on us and anything around. The car seats came in cool big “L” shaped boxes. The girls loved trying to climb on them and hold on to them and bounce up and down. My Mom bought them a Lady Bug tent and they love to go in and play in it. We have had to remove the glass doors from our entertainment center so we put toys in there and they pull them out and climb inside. Oh what a wonderful life we are living!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Sick, Sick, Sick, Sick

Three of the girls received their cranial helmets on Thursday. And five of us are sick. We have tons of updates and pictures. When things (snot) settle down and we get some sleep we will post more. Please remember to wash and sanitize as we are in the beginning of a huge flu season.