Monday, May 25, 2009

Support Our Troops

We hope everyone had a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend! It is one of the special holidays in our house that we celebrate! Please continue to support our troops and don't forget our fallen heroes!

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Feeding Time!

Sandra doesn't take many naps, but she found mom's pillow to be quite comfortable! She also wanted to rest up for her first meal at the new feeding table.

We celebrated our Memorial Day weekend by making baby food. It took a good portion of the weekend, but I think we have enough apples, avocados, bananas, carrots, green beans, pears, squash, and zucchini to last about a month.

We felt it was time to give the feeding table a try. The girls were really good sports, and the feeding was so much fun.

Next time, I want Bananas!

MMmmmmmm Green Beans with a side of thumb!

What, no dessert?

Can I have more please?

Maxine liked the feeding table most of all. MMmmmmm green beans with a side of toes!

Sorry we haven't posted in awhile, but we have been busy with doctors, doctors, baby food, doctors, finals, and doctors.

Samantha had cardiology and eye appointments this week. Currently, her blood pressure is high due to the pinching of her Aorta, but as of now the doctor's is not concerned. Everything else with her heart is 100% better. However, she is going to be continuously watched. During her eye appointment we found out that she has a history of R.O.P. The doctor saw her cross her eyes and said that she maybe nearsighted. He said that some crossing of the eyes is normal, and she needs to be evaluated when she is one year old.

Hannah and Samantha have each discovered new sounds! Hannah's is a window-shattering shriek! The crazy thing is that it doubles as both jubilation and a warning to oncoming hunger! Samantha's new noise is more difficult to describe. It sounds similar to a playing card in a bicycle spoke. She only makes it in the morning during her diaper change, but she thoroughly enjoys making it and so doe we! It is almost as cool as watching her pick up her pacifier and put in her mouth (another new development).

All of the girls have been on the fussy side this week, but with good reason. They are beginning to teethe! We can actually feel the bump in Hannah's mouth. Poor Makaila only really gets relief when you rub her gums with a pacifier or a teething ring. For the first time in nearly two months we were awakened by a baby crying. It has only happened once so far, but we do not expect that to last for long.

Josh got an A on each of his finals and is still maintaining a 4.0 GPA in his MBA program. He says he doesn't care what grade he gets, but the girls and I know better!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mothers Day, Dedication, Visitors and Dr apts

Daddy feeding Sandra

G Ma wondering how she can sneak Hannah into her Suitcase!

Uncle Don playing with the girls!

Aunt Joyce feeding Makaila!

Uncle Don feeding Hannah!

Sandra telling G Pa and Evan stories!

Evan babysitting all five girls! What a great cousin he is!

It was so nice to have three people feeding! For once we were not out numbered!

The girls Dedication!

So much to update. Where do I begin? Josh’s Mother’s Day gift to me was to go get family photos last Friday. The pictures turned out great. So, look for them in future posts. The girls got all their money together and got me a diamond and ruby necklace. It is beautiful just like my girls. Saturday night (rather Sunday morning; 3:30 am) family arrived! G Ma, G Pa, Aunt Joyce, Uncle Don, Kenny (Josh’s brother) and Evan (our nephew) drove down from Missouri. We were so excited to have family visit. On Sunday, we had the girls dedicated at church. It was a wonderful service and the girls did great. It was so nice to have family here to see the girls and help out with the feeds. The girls absolutely loved the extra attention. Maxine (our dog) had a great time too. She had more people to play with and extra crumbs off the floor.

There have been so many doctors’ appointments lately. All four girls went to the plastic surgeon for evaluations on the shape of their heads. The doctor wants to give them a couple more months before he decides on helmets. But right now Makaila and Sandra are the ones he felt might need them. Samantha he felt should change as she grows and starts to sit up more. He does want a second opinion on her arm (the IV burn). So, she will see another surgeon for that.

Samantha and Makaila went to see the eye doctor. Long story short; Samantha is going to go to a different doctor for a second opinion. You see; we are having a problem. Our insurance sends us to a general doctor and then we have to get an out of network referral to a pediatric doctor. Same thing happened for ENT for Makaila and Samantha. Samantha has not passed her hearing test on her left ear after 5 attempts. She is scheduled for surgery (to place tubes in her ear) on Tuesday because he THOUGHT he saw fluid. But he did not have the capability to do further testing if he does not find fluid and she would have to be referred to another doctor to have another sedation. I am putting my foot down and our primary pedi agrees with me. So she is being referred to a pediatric ENT.

This coming week Samantha has a cardiology surgeon appointment, physical therapy (for neck, shoulder and arm) and another eye appointment. So I am glad that we are canceling her surgery on Tuesday. I am still having medical issues and am having a procedure done on Thursday. So many appointments! Luckily, Josh is on a three week break from his MBA program right now.
Thank you all for a wonderful visit and the extra hands with the girls! We miss you all already! Come back soon!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Thank you Manana!

Manana (my mom) hand made these totally cool chewing cloths. The girls have started really chewing on burp cloths and Manana thought the girls needed something better. These have teething rings attached. The girls absolutely love them! Thank you Manana!

Samantha wondering how much drool she can get on this one.

Hannah (L) won't let go of hers and Makaila kept grinning from ear to ear with hers!

Makaila settles in with her new chewy and her thumb!

This is what feeding time looks like at our house! Bottle time used to be so stressful, trying to get them to drink enough to gain weight and not fall asleep. Now you just sit back (or I fold laundry) while they eat.

Aren't little girls so much fun? They love to play with their dresses. We see a lot of belly buttons when they have this kind of dress on. Thank God it is warm here in Texas! Wow I just realized everyone here had socks on - a rarity these days!

Samantha pulling Sandra closer so she can play with her.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

6 month well check appointment

Who needs a new ottoman when Samantha can use Hannah for a foot rest?

This picture is only because I told Hannah and Makaila that if they didn't stop crying I was going to post the picture. I hold true to my words! (Sandra, Samantha, Hannah, Makaila)

Last Friday the girls had their six month well check appointments. Their current weights are Makaila – 13 lbs 6 ounces, Hannah – 13 pounds 5 ounces, Samantha 14 pounds 1 ounce and Sandra 10 pounds 15 ounces. The doctor is pleased with their growth. Sandra is actually allowed to switch to the big girl formula this week. Lately we have been using two different formulas, three different diaper sizes and two to three different sizes in clothes (depending on brand). So it will be nice to only deal with one formula.

Poor Samantha! I feel so bad for her! She has some concerns that need to be addressed. She is going to the ophthalmologist on Monday because she is showing sings of vision issues. She strains to see up close and immediately crosses her eyes. She sees the ENT on Wednesday for her final attempt to pass her hearing test (the doctor has put in for the referral to sedate and do thorough diagnostic testing). She is going back to the plastic surgeon now for the shape of her head. The doctor usually refers preemies at nine months but her head shape is to the point of changing her facial features. She will need to be sedated and have cat scans of her head to make sure everything is ok. But, she will need to be in a helmet to reshape her head. She tends to want to look to the left and has gotten tight neck and shoulder muscles so we have added stretching to her physical therapy appointments. She has specific swings and seats to encourage her to look to the right. She is such a happy baby I hate to see her go through so much. She has been having night fears (a form of sleep walking). She will (in her sleep) just start to scream not know where she is and act confused. I have to run upstairs gently stroke her face and whisper her through it. She does it four to five times per nap. Luckily, she rarely does it during the night. Oh and her blood pressure was up so I need to call the surgeon since her aorta is being pinched with her new heart jewelry.

To save a few trips I am going to bring Makaila to the ophthalmologist to have her ROP rechecked. And will have Makaila and Sandra’s shape of heads looked at too. So, many appointments ahead of us. We are going to be running this coming week. Monday – optho, Wednesday – OT and ENT, Thursday – PT, Friday – family portraits, Saturday – family arrives, Sunday – dedication. I have a feeling that it is going to be like this for a while. Wish us luck!

We got new floor mats for the downstairs since our entire downstairs is tile. The girls love it and get to play on the floor more. I just hope the dog and cats don’t destroy it. It is actually able to be vacuumed and mopped. I bought brown so it looks nice. We also ditched our end tables and coffee table and replaced them with three leather storage ottomans. Softer for when the girls land on them when they start learning to walk and I get to store blankets and toys in them. Yeah! I love them!

So what does a quad mom do when she feels not the best? Push through it and ignore the symptoms. Until, the ER is just not close enough. Apparently you can get a bladder infection from dehydration. I get so busy I forget to drink water. Until now that is! I ignored the pain for almost two weeks and just couldn't’t take it any more last night. So, after the night bottles I went to the ER. I feel better but not healed yet!