Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thanks to outside help, Josh's mom still being here and a fellow local busy quad mom, I was able to go for my testing yesterday. Thank you all! I survived and it went fairly easy. But, I was exhausted and nauses most of the day. I was not allowed go up and down stairs or carry a baby all day. The girls are upstairs so I had Josh assist me up and I stayed there the whole day. I wanted to be close to my babies. I wasn't able to do much with them until the 8:00 pm feedng though. I missed then so much and I was near them. The doctor told Josh that it showed acid reflux and he did two biopsies. I am confused! I have not had reflux since pregnancy. So, now my questions are; is it let over damage, where and what did he biopsy (stomach or esophagus), how long will the severe pain last and why did he put me on the same medicine that didn't work before? Monday I have to call to make a follow up appointment.

Josh took Samantha to pick up her new burn sleeve. I guess it was a lot further away then we were told and Samantha didn't like the long car ride. The sleeve did not fit and she got upset with them trying to shoove it on. So, all in all, it was two whole days wasted and an upset baby for no reason. Her next appointment with the plastic surgeon is on the 9th where I will get extra silicone and wraps and just use the interem one for the six month time frame.

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Anonymous said...

I checked to see why you didn't get my comment and remembered that my computer did it's cute little thing of going back to Outlook Express wiping out my entry just before I sent it so I quit.
I had mentioned that I was glad Debbie was going to her Mom because I thought she needed to do it for herself...closure and all. I know it will be tough but you do have some more help now and she will return.

Hope Samantha's arm situation is OK.


PaPa and Manana