Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Brief Update!

A week of yet more appointments. Yesterday (Monday) Samantha had a plastic surgery appointment. The doctor is pleased with how her arm is healing and wants to see her again in a month. If he is pleased at that appointment, he'll see her in six months. Today Maxine has an appointment at the vet for her yearly vaccinations. Tomorrow, we will take all four girls to the pediatrician. We are having to take two cars because Sandra's car seat bed takes up two seats. Friday, Josh has a dentist appointment and the girls have an ECI (Early Childhood Intervention) evaluation here at the house. ECI will follow the girls and help with developmental needs. Since they were 10 weeks premature barbies usually don't catch up until two years of age.

Makaila is the most laid back and fusses the least. She is growing fast and trying to catch up with Samantha. She enjoys the swing and isn't bothered when her sisters are laying on her. Hannah is the hardest to burp. She loves to be rocked by her G-Ma. She struggles with reflux and is one of the fussy ones. She hates a dirty diaper and boy does she tell you about it. Samantha is a SOLID baby. She is the longest, thickest and heaviest. She is ready for the defensive line for the 49er's. She is laid back but when she has a burp she grunts. Sandra reminds me of a glass china doll. She is so petite and looks fragile. But looks can be deceiving. She is a wild woman! She rarely stays where we lay her in her crib, she wiggles down off her positioner. She loves her bouncy seat and at 6:30 pm every night requires to be rocked by mommy.

I have been what do you call it, I forget; oh yeah sleeping in the nursery. Or should I say laying down in there. Well, last night I was beyond tired. I dreamt that I was driving and had to pull over because Sandra had a brady. Just then, I opened my eyes and saw Josh running in the room and heard the alarms. Luckily, Josh woke up and also she did come back on her own. After that I was awake! She then had a really difficult time with reflux. I hope that the doctor tomorrow has some advise for her because the medicine doesn't help as much as I want it to.

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Anonymous said...

So sorry I couldn't talk to you today but I was in the PT office when you called. Glad the girls are doing so well and their hard work of training Mommie, Daddy and GMom is going so well! Hope solutions to Sandra's brady and reflux difficulties come soon so you guys can get some rest! Praying ceaselessly.
Love PaPa and Manana

call when you have time...I won't call...don't want to wake babies or you or disrupt schedules.