Thursday, January 22, 2009

Josh's Grandma (Debbie's mom) is in ICU with pnemonia, a viral infection and possibly congestive heart failure on a ventilator. Her blood pressure dropped to 50/30. I was trying to get Debbie to fly home but she won't, because she knows how hectic it is, even with her here. The doctors said to contact family members that she was not doing good. Well, a couple days ago our pastor called and asked if we needed help. Not knowing, if Debbie had to fly home or not, I said yes. It is crazy the amount of people that are litterly begging to help. We will have people here for the Noon and 4 pm and sometimes 8 pm. They are starting to bring dinners for us and are going to start to help with chores around the house. Maybe even take down our Christmas tree. ha ha We are lucky to have a very sweet lady coordinate so we do not have to handle all the phone calls or scheduling. She said she has gotten about 70 e-mails and her phone hasn't stopped ringing. I am torn about it all. First, we are over whelmed by all the support and kind people willing to help. But, the reason I didn't want outside help is because of the risk of more germs being brought into the girls fragile lungs during RSV season. But, it is looking like Debbie needs to fly home and we have help lined up and going. I am getting IV sedated tomorrow and swallowing a scope with a camera. The new idea is that I have stomach ulcers. Hannah's reflux is horrible. She is on Reglan and Previcid and still in a lot of pain. She is referred to GI also. Alright, it has taken me several hours to write this, I have four fussies. Please pray for Josh's Grandma and family!

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