Monday, June 29, 2009

Hello all! Yes, we have been away from blog world lately. No, we did not go on a hiatus (like J – K + 8). But we have had a week that has been very hard emotionally on our family. I was not going to explain but this blog is a journal for our family to look back on years down the road. So here goes:
Where to begin? Alright, first Josh’s commuter car started having electrical issues (that for some reason disappeared on its own). I got the exact diagnosis that we prayed we would not get. On Tuesday I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis (Painful Bladder Syndrome) which is a chronic bladder condition. Basically the nerve from my brain to my bladder that tells me I have to urinate is messed up. I am in constant bladder spasm and pain. There have been no medications to relieve the spasm as of yet. The medicines I am on cause me to have drowsiness, blurred vision and upset stomach. So, it has been difficult to care for the girls. We are rearranging the house so that the girls are downstairs for the most part of the day so I don’t have to carry them up and down several times a day. Josh has taken leave for two weeks to help get the house organized and see if we need to hire in some help.
On Friday (our 4 year anniversary) I was to start bladder shock treatments weekly to see if that helped. If it did, they were going to surgically implant a stimulator. On my way to the doctor, the Yukon decided to take control of the steering and I had no control. So the police had to help me and the Yukon is now at the dealership. Josh had to come switch cars as Samantha had a ENT appointment, where we find out that she is completely deaf in her left ear and there is no fluid and no physical findings to cause it. So, we are going to have her work with occupational therapy so she doesn’t get behind on her speech.
After a long day of dealing with tow trucks and bad news we got home to find out that we are on water ration and our refrigerator is going out again. Yes, again again, it was fixed again last week. I was told we have store credit for a new one, but haven’t the time or energy to go in this 104 degree weather.
However, Samantha did give Daddy and me an anniversary present: TWO TEETH!
On Saturday Jose, Michelle and their two kids came over to help Josh rearrange the house. They moved the playroom downstairs into the the dinning room and visa versa. They also assembled the gazebo that Josh bought for our anniversary. After the hard work (in record high temps) they made a delicious dinner and we played cards. It was nice to be able to hang out and have a good time with friends. Sunday morning G Ma flew home! We sure miss her!
So it has been emotionally and physically difficult around here! But if you look at the picture montage below you will see how we pull through! Thank you Makaila, Hannah, Samantha and Sandra for the smiles you bring to us!

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I know I say this a lot but this last week has been so busy for us. After having the girls in the kiddie pool and them loving it, we decided to go bigger. We bought a 20 foot above ground pool. Josh and I absolutely love being in the water and want the girls to grow up around the water. Maybe next year we can get back in our boat and wake board again. Our friends Jose and Michelle came over with their two boys and helped us set up the pool. Thank you so much guys! It was a very hot day here and it was a lot of work. So after the first night of Josh, G Ma and I trying out the pool we headed to the ER. Yup, this time Maxine our dog had a very swollen face and was in a lot of pain. The belief is that she got bit by a snake. They tested her blood and she had no venom so luckily it was a dry snake. She is on pain meds, steroids and an anti inflammatory. She seems to be afraid of the backyard now. The poor girl!

Since we had a good time in the pool we decided to let the girls go for a swim the next night. We waited for shade to hit the pool so it meant that they had to stay up a little late. It was well worth it! They all loved it! Yes it is added work and they have to have a bath/rinse down after but to see their smiles while in the pool is worth all the extra work. Thankfully G Ma is still here and helped out our first time.

The girls’ new refrigerator/freezer died again. This is where all their bottles and frozen baby food is stored. I am not happy about it. Last time it took three weeks to get the repairs done. That is three weeks of hand making each bottle for each feed. I hope we get it fixed faster this time. This Friday I am having surgery again. Apparently, a rare percentage of people that have a cerclage (the sewing of my cervix that helped me carry the girls for 30 weeks and 1 day) can have medical issues. So the hope is that if I have it removed, my bladder will be fixed. Thank you Lynn for all your help, even in a last minute notice, during all of my appointments and surgeries.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Quick update on Mommy

Yesterday I had a surgery that included a cystoscopy, bladder extension and biopsy. The extension was to hopefully stop spasms for a while. Unfortunately, the doctor was only able to put in 200 cc (a very small amount). Even under anesthetic my bladder was in spams the whole time. The doctor talked to Josh while I was still asleep and told him he was going to wait for the biopsy report before he decides what to do next. He did put me on three anti spasm medicine and finally a pain reliever. With all four meds I am still in pain and having spasms. And now I feel medicated (drunk) and have to take long naps. I am very frustrated! My high risk ob recommended botox. I asked my Urologist and he said after the results of the biopsy he could refer me to someone who does that. I am frustrated and tired of the pain and no answers. The doctor was shocked that I was still in bladder spams while under and that he couldn't fill up my bladder. I feel that he FINALLY believes me about the spasms and maybe I will get some where now. I don't think he realized the extent before these last two tests. I am so glad that Josh's mom is here! But I feel so bad having to call on her. I know she loves being here but she has family and obligations in MO. So, I want results NOW! I have to wait a week for the biopsy results. Please continue to pray for us! Thank you!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Need Prayers, Overdue Update

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I know it has been awhile since you have heard from us! I first want to say that the girls are all doing amazing. Yes, G Ma is back. We did not expect her until August when Josh will be out of town for work. However, things happen and we had to call on her. I have not been feeling well for awhile now. I have been to the ER and MANY doctors appointments. Long story short something is wrong. The main issue is my bladder which has been in severe spasms for over two months now. Last week other muscles started to spasm and I feel weak. The pain and weakness got to the point where I was afraid to be home during the day with the girls. I hope to get some answers soon as I had some tests done last week. But getting results and answers are sometimes difficult. I want answers yesterday so I can plan for the future. So please pray that we get answers fast and can deal with what is ahead. If there are any HOM moms that had a similar situation after delivery I would love to hear from you!

Alright, to the girls, which I know you all want to know. They are stinking adorable. They are great medicine for me right now. They started imitating us (esp. blowing raspberries), stealing toys and pacifiers from others and make noises for a reaction from us. It is hilarious. They enjoyed the kiddie pool. Heck they all just enjoy life. We are so fortunate; they are all such happy babies.

Last weekend we got brave, real brave. We took them to the Cheesecake Factory for brunch. We got there when they opened and left before it got super busy. They did so well that we took G Ma there today. We left them in their quad stroller and they just played and had a great time. It was so nice to get out of the house and not go to a doctors appointment or the grocery store. Plus, it had been a long time since Josh and I were out at the same time, together.