Saturday, January 10, 2009

Settling in nicely!

Wow! These girls continue to amaze me! I was so worried about the new schedule. It was difficult (but not impossible) with the four hour feedings with three girls. So, I was petrfied to add an additional three hour feeding for Sandra. In the hospital the nurses would feed Sandra early because she would scream so badly. But she must just actually wanted to come home with her sisters. She was still asleep when it was time for her to eat. So, we stretched it out and she put herself on a four hour schedule. It all happened so fast that I am still in shock! Thank you Sandra! She also has not had a sleeping brady since she has been home. She still does have her spit ups but we continue her on her reflux medicine three times a day. Hannah is getting better with her prop feeding each day. So far, one of us will feed Sandra (who still is fed by hand). While the other feed the other three girls by prop in their cribs. When Sandra is finished then that person will help finish with the propping. So far it is working out. Luckily, Josh's parents are here to help out where needed. Deb has been a great help around the house, feeding us and helping with the girls. We are so furtunate to have such great help. Stan leaves tomorrow and the girls will be sad to see their G-Pa go. Alright, here are a couple picture you all have been waiting for.

A true gift; holding all four at once! left to right; Sandra, Samantha, mommy, Hannah, Makaila

Sandra-AKA Peanut. She is wearing preemie shorts which are too big for her!

I love these blankets. A co worker of my sisters made these for us. Thank you!

Samantha AKA LT (little Teri)

Hannah AKA Banana because she goes bananas

Makaila AKA Messy Makaila because she wears more of her food than she eats!


Anonymous said...

Adorable pictures...Adorable subject matter. I knew Sandra AKA Peanut would be a good girl...the power of Prayer is boundless and she had sooo many people praying for her. Now enjoy the rest of you life with your little family all together.
Papa and Mananna

Building Life in AK said...

Praise God! You get all of your little blessings home with you!! I know you are drinking in every moment, even though it sounds like every moment is kept very busy.
I love the "home with 4 girls" photo. The twins sure are happy to see their sisters-same expression and all! Samantha is a "tiny Teri" and Sandra looks so happy.
I am so thankful you are all home together, safe, sound, and truly blessed.
Kisses from Aunty and Uncle Alaska

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news! Teri you are absoulutley beautiful hold your four angels! How did Josh manage to get you to stop crying long enough to take that picture? ha ha
Sandra sure is looking good, she does look more like Samantha every day. Four hour feeds already, what a trouper! I am so glad Josh's mom and dad got to be there. And I am glad Deb will be able to stay to help out a little longer. I bet she is just loving those little girls! They are so much fun. I miss them!

Congratsulations Duggan family! God Bless you all!

Love Auntie Debbie

Building Life in AK said...

Okay, tell the girls that Aunty made a special trip to the North Pole today, to tell Santa's elf to expect 4 special Santa letters, from 4 very special little girls in Houston, TX. You're welcome. Also tell them if there are any logistical problems with their letters, that Aunty has some PR moves in mind:)
Seriously, 7 mos cooked and I am at the North Pole, having fun!
Hope you guys are good. I need to call TD, but have been on the road....brrrr.