Thursday, December 18, 2008

So cute, had to post!

Precious Sandra!

Sandra's precious feet!

Makaila and Samantha playing!

Hannah is due home Tuesday! I am so excited! I am glad she comes home before Auntie Debbie has to go home (Wednesday). Josh let the doctor know that Makaila and Samantha are on a 4 hour schedule. So, they are going to put Hannah on that schedule so it'll be easier for us once she is home. One less thing we will have to do. Every little thing can help, even the small things. Today Hannah and Sandra got their immunizations. That way they are close to being on the same schedule with Makaila and Samantha. However, they are on different schedules for their RSV shots. Tomorrow Sandra will be going to an open crib. They were going to do it today but didn't want to over stimulate her after her shots. I am so excited that she graduated from the isolette. It is so much easier to just grab them and kiss them in the open crib. One big step for a little one.

Hannah and her pacifier!

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