Monday, December 15, 2008

First Doctors Visit

I first want to start off by letting everyone know that Makaila and Samantha are very good babies and are doing great! I truely thought that it was going to be more dificult. Granted only 2 are home so far. We have already changed their feeding schedule to every 4 hours to give us a longer break in between. This way they are more hungry and awake and will take their bottles better. They really like the new schedule.

Makaila and Samantha had their first doctor's visit today. Even though we had to wait longer then we wanted to, we liked the doctor. She seemed friendly and great with the girls. We are not going to have to boil the water for their bottles any more which will save us a bunch of time. Makaila weighed in at 6 pounds and Samantha at 6 pounds 6 ounces. Yeah! I was so proud of them on their weight gains.

Hannah is getting 6 bottles a day now and Sandra 3. They both are doing great with their bottles. Sandra's caffeine and Reglan was increased since she also has gained weight. She now weighs 3 pounds 9 ounces. Hannah is still congested and needs to be bulb syringed prior to her bottles. But if they do that she does good and doesn't need oxygen. Debbie and I visited them on Saturday and Sunday while Josh played with Makaila and Samantha. Speaking of Josh, he got A's in both of his classes this semester. Good job Josh! I don't know how you did it with how busy life has become.


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Anonymous said...

It has been a while since I posted a comment because it has been so busy. But as I look around; the dishes are done, the laundry done, bottles done, and precious girls asleep up stairs. So now I can sneek a moment and post. Today was a huge day. Josh was very helpful by doing the 4am feed alone so Teri and I could sleep from after the 12am feeding and get up for the 8am feed and start getting the girls ready for their firs Dr's appt. Every thing went smoothly, lots of paper work for Teri to fill out for new patient visits and so that put us a little behind, had to wait a long time, but we like the Dr. By the time the girls came got home for their noon feed they were so exhausted that they did not eat much. And afterwards Teri and I snuck a well needed nap ourselves. We love haveing them home and are amazed at how good they are and look forward to haveing them all home and together soon.

Love Auntie Debbie