Saturday, December 13, 2008

Welcome Home Makaila!

You wonder how we'll be able to feed all of the girls. Well, wonder no more! Josh is prop feeding Samantha and Makaila. Prop feeding is not recommended for a singleton but a necessity for multiple babies. It is a balancing act and you need to be able to multi task. Josh is great at it!

My sister watched Samantha while we went to pick up Makaila from the hospital. Makaila did not pass her left ear hearing test (the same as Samantha) but passed all her other tests. I was sad to see Hannah in the big crib all by herself. I held Makaila and Hannah together so they could say their "Goodbyes!". Hopefully Sandra will be with her soon. We are so blessed and 4tuneate to have 4 beautiful healthy girls. Boy are we lucky the two home are so well behaved and easy (so far that is). They are really settling in nicely. Today Josh is going to attemp to feed two at once so that Debbie and I can visit Hannah and Sandra and run a couple errends. Thank you Josh! The blood transfussion that Sandra got seemed to help her. She is having less Brady's again. Hannah's congestion seems to be getting better also. They are both finishing their bottles so maybe the doctor will increase the amount they are allowed to try.

Josh and I have received very nice gifts from all of you. We appreciate every oneof them! But I would like to mention one that I will treasure 4ever. My very dear friend Sandy (yes, one of Sandra's name sakes) got me a ring with the girls name engraved and each of their birth stones (yes, they all have the same one!). It is beautiful and I plan to wear it 4ever! Thank you Sandy and Donald!

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