Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Not enough words to say thank you!

Today was yet another day of up and down emotions. Where do I start? How about 4:00 am! That is what time Auntie Debbie and Daddy woke up to feed and then it was off to the airport. Auntie Debbie left this morning after being here for 5 weeks. Josh and I will never be able to repay her for what she has done for our family. Being here (away from her family); helping us means so much to us. NICU experience is very stressful and we had it 4 times stressful because we had 4 babies there. Debbie helped me out personally with her just being supportive and always someone I could share the ups and downs of the NICU because she was there to go through it with us. She also helped out around the house a lot. She never let a dirty dish sit in the sink and was on top of the laundry for us. She was always willing to help with the feedings (in the hospital and at home) because she wanted to be with the girls as much as possible. She even did the midnight feedings by herself. These girls are very fortunate to have such a great Aunt and I am so happy to call her my sister.

So, we were all sad to see Debbie leave. But while Josh was visiting Hannah and Sandra he met with their doctor. We got some of the best news ever! I am so excited and filled with emotion as I type that my eyes tear up thinking about it. Sandra will be coming home either Monday or Wednesday next week. Yup, next week! I get emotional when it comes to Sandra making big milestones because she is the one that we were told we would lose. And now they are sending her home next week.

I wanted to call someone and tell them the news as I was so excited! I called Josh's mom. After sharing the news she told me that she had a medical concern and will not be able to visit until Jan 7th. We will keep her in our prayers and hope things are ok. But this means that we are on our own until then. I know that Josh and I can do it but it will be rough. It will definitely take both of us to do all feedings since Hannah and Sandra aren't ready to be prop fed. Sandra will be coming home on an apnea monitor as she still has some episodes. The hospital has changed Hannah to 4 hour feedings but I am not sure Sandra is ready for that yet. Should be interesting! We will be taking Hannah, Makaila and Samantha to the pediatrician on Monday. The real test is when I take them to their hearing exams while Josh stays home with Sandra. Two arms and three infant car seats. hmmmm! So, if we go without a post for a few days you'll know why!

Tomorrow, I am picking up Hannah! What a great way to spend Christmas (my due date). I am so excited! The doctor and the case worker did all the paperwork today since they know I am anxious and will be there early in the morning. Speaking of Christmas, Hannah and Sandra got their picture taken with Santa yesterday. They are so cute! Speaking of cute, we are listening to our household chipmunk (Samantha has the hi cups) on the baby monitor.

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Karianne and Jonathan said...

Merry Christmas!! We are so happy for you guys! We'll be in town next week and would love to get together for a little bit. Can't wait to meet the girls!!!