Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Change of Scenery

There hadn't been much to update until today. There were many changes all around. One of the biggest news is that they were all moved to Level 2 NICU. This is a very good thing. Makaila and Hannah are in one crib in a private room. Samantha and Sandra each have their own private room. Their rooms are all close to each other. We no longer have to leave during shift change and family can visit whenever they want. We are allowed to sleep in their rooms with them and I can pump in the rooms with them too. Another big change is that our girls are getting bigger. Makaila, Hannah and Samantha are out of preemie diapers. Samantha barely fits in preemie clothes.

Makaila - now taking 6 bottles a day and finishing them so far. She is the messiest eater in the bunch. We are going to need a lot of burp clothes for her. Her feeds have increased to 45 ccs every 3 hours. She is off of nasal cannula and breathing on her own fantastically.

Hannah - is taking 3 bottles a day at 45 ccs each. She is a little silly in the fact that she wants to sleep when we try to feed her. But as soon as we put her in her crib she is wide awake and ready to party. She is off of nasal cannula but sometimes has to wear it when she takes her bottle because she pretends to be sleepy. The other day we had Makaila, Hannah and Samantha lay next to each other and Hannah cuddled right up to Makaila. It was the sweetest thing ever. That is why I decided to keep them two together in their new apartments.

Samantha - was getting 8 bottles a day but got tired out and wasn't finishing them so she is now getting 4 a day. She is eating 47 ccs every 3 hours. Her arm is healing well and is still doing physical therapy along with massage. She now is wearing a silicone wrap to help with the scarring. She has the chubbiest cheeks and is very adorable.

Sandra - is still in her isolette but has started maintaining her own temperature and will start to wear clothes now. She is doing great on her nasal cannula except for the fact she pulls it out constantly. She is by far the feistiest and strongest. She may be small but do not doubt her. She got her first bottle today and took 7 ccs without any breathing issues. She has changed so much lately. Sometimes I look at her and she reminds me of Makaila and Hannah and other times she looks like Samantha. So, she is definitely a mixture of Josh and I.

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Anonymous said...

The girls have settle in to their new rooms. Unfourtunately Makaila and Hannah have colds and that is setting them back with their feedings. Kind of hard to suck swallow and breath when you itty bitty nose is full of yuk! But they are trying so hard.

Miss every one at Peace Health!

Love Aunt Debbie