Thursday, December 25, 2008

Welcome Home Hannah, My Due Date, Merry Chritstmas

Sweet Sandra

Who does this baby look like?

Makaila, Hannah and Samantha reunite. Is Hannah telling Samantha secrets?

3 Divas and their Christmas teddy bears. Thank you Sandy and Donald!

"How the Grinch Stole Christmas was Mommy and Daddy's first date 8 years ago!

I think Makaila slept through her first Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all! Today was my official due date. And it was nice to celebrate it by bringing Hannah home. I was sad to leave little Sandra at the hospital by herself though. Once we had Hannah settled in, it was time to get them dressed in their Christmas dresses and head over to our neighbors for dinner. Let me tell you it takes more time to get 3 fed, diaper changed and dressed. I am glad they looked adorable to keep the attention off of me since I was in jeans and a t shirt and hair in a pony tail. Dinner was delicious; thank you Katherine and Steven for a wonderful Christmas dinner. The girls behaved themselves. But right after dinner, it was time to come home and feed the girls again. One of us feeds Hannah while the other prop feeds Makaila and Samantha. After 4:00 pm feedings we get bottles ready for the next day. That also takes longer now with three babies, figuring out the water powder ratio. Plus, right now Hannah uses a different bottle since she is not ready for a big girl nipple. Once we get this pattern down we'll bring Sandra home and it'll all change again. I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas as Josh and I had our best one ever with three of our girls home.

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