Saturday, November 29, 2008


We have so much to be thankful for. So, this was the best Thanksgiving EVER! Obviously, we are very thankful for our four beautiful daughters. We are so blessed and fortunate to have had all four healthy and adorable. We also are thankful for our family, friends and supporters (some who we never met). Thank you each and every one of you!
Makaila is still on nasal cannula but doing well. She has lately realized what to do with a bottle. She gets 3 a day now and lately has been finishing them. Hannah is off of nasal cannula. She was supposed to be on it for her bottles but the nurse forgot and she actually has been doing good without it. She is also getting 3 bottles and doing better than she used to. Samantha gets all her feedings by bottle and if she continues to do good through tonight she will have her feeding tube removed tomorrow. Her arm is still healing and she still sees Physical Therapy. The girls will start to see Occupational Therapy tomorrow to help with their bottle feedings. Sandra is back on her feeds and is handling them. She will have her IVs removed tonight. She is now on Regland 30 minutes prior to meals in hopes that her tummy won't distend again. Samantha will be coming home this week and I don't think Hannah will be far behind her.


G-MOM said...

So cute, So CUTE!!!!! Yes we are blessed not only with are 4 little girls but with their mommy and daddy as well. I thank the Lord everyday for our gifts of love. Happy Birthday Teri!!! I know you cant wait to get your first little one home, Love to you all G-Ma

Anonymous said...

Big news! We have a 5 pounder! Makaila; and Sandra made it to 3 pounds! Other than that the girls are all about the same, only they are day by day getting more and more cuddly. When the three girls were laid in the crib real close to each other, little lover Hannah snuggled next to her mirror (Makaila) it was absolutely adorable.

Love Aunti Deb

Anonymous said...

OK, Samantha had a little chat with me regarding my last comment. She would like for the record to state that SHE not Makaila is the first one to reach 5 lbs!!! Sorry Samantha, my mistake. But you better watch out because Makaila and Hannah are not far behind you.

Aunti Debbie