Friday, September 19, 2008

We Got Power!

So, we got home on Monday from Dallas. Let me tell you it was a long, uncomfortable and eerie drive home. The closer we got home the more damage we'd see. We'd see convoys of work trucks headed here also, which was a good sign. We passed a sign that said, "Don't drive to Houston or Beamount, limited fuel and supplies" and here we are driving to Houston. When we got to our development we saw that the front half had electricity and our half didn't. You can tell that many people were still evacuated. Every so often, you'd see a house with a flash light. Our neighbors had gotten home earlier and were all set up. So, they really helped us get set up with our generators and gathering our lights. They even brought me over a much needed meal. That is one thing that really came out of Ike, neighbors being neighborly. It was great to see. It got really hot and tiresome without electric. It was starting to take a toll on me physically. I was getting whole body cramps from sweating, even though I was constantly drinking water (bottled that is). We had water but it wasn't deemed safe until Wednesday night and were on water ration the whole time. So, when the electricity came on Thursday night you could actually hear cheers in our neighborhood, and I was among the cheering squad. Our house had no damage. We had several trees and shrubs that uprooted that have been fixed. And our fence took some damage that will require a contractor to fix. It is temporally fixed so that Maxine can't escape. We could not have survived at home without the help of Josh's parents who brought us generators and an AC, my mom and our neighbors whom we all helped each other.

In regards to pregnancy, I made it to 26 weeks yesterday! YEAH! The girls are very active lately and enjoy the play dates that they have. I have a doctor's appointment today. It has been 2 1/2 weeks since I saw my doctor because of Ike. I am very hopeful that the PAINFUL shots are helping Peanut grow. My body had adjusted to the pump and I am able to cope with it much better. Still averaging 2-3 contractions with the pump so I'm glad I'm on it.

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