Monday, September 15, 2008

Headed Home!

We are so grateful to have loving and helpful family. Josh's mom and dad drove down from MO and brought two big generators and an AC since Texas is sold out. My doctor said since we had that in order we could go home. I am so excited! I have been only getting a few hours of sleep since I am so uncomfortable and actually in pain from the hotel bed. We know that we have fence damage at home but the house looks good according to neighbors. We will not have Internet or phone service. I have heard about a mile away if we stand on a bridge we can get cell service. So, I will be able to keep in contact with Matria (monitoring and terb pump service) and able to call my doctor is necessary. It'll be a long drive home and lots to do when we get there but it will be worth it to sleep in a comfortable bed tonight. Thanks everyone for your prayers, love and support. We will blog again when we have Internet service.

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