Friday, September 12, 2008

Evacuation to Dallas

Prior to evacuating I did a 24 hour contraction monitor. I contracted between 3-4 times an hour in the middle of the night. So, my medications for contractions through my pump was increased. I wasn't very happy because I am already getting side effects from the pump, increased blood sugars, increased pulse (jump out of my chest), vomiting, shaking and just a feeling of drunkenness. Luckily, some of the side effects come in waves and aren't all the time.

Speaking of waves...IKE! I think packing for just myself gives us a little of an idea for packing for 4 kids in the future. I had to pack so much just to get me by; contraction monitor (which is a wireless one for the trio), pump medicine and supplies, Levonox injections and supplies, a ton of pillows, all oral medications, food, water, blood sugar tests and supplies including Sharps container, blood pressure monitor and I tried to pack some extra sanity. The drive was difficult but not as bad as I expected. I surrounded my belly with pillows since any bump in the road is somewhat painful actually. A 4 1/2 hour trip probably took us almost 7 hours with extra traffic and having to stop often for potty breaks and to stretch. I am so glad we left when we did because I could not have made it in the traffic that did occur after we left.

Maxine (our dog) came with us and I am glad for that. The friends that were going to watch her evacuated also. She has been so good through all of this. Josh allowed her to sleep in his bad. She is being spoiled and is enjoying her trip. Unfortunately, we had to leave the two cats at home with lots of food and water. Our hotel is nice! I am having difficulty with getting comfortable, but am managing. Mom and Josh are freezing and I am still hot! Mom actually had to get extra blankets. The hotel has had a good spread for breakfast (even including food that I can eat!). We are watching the news closely and hope that after Ike passes Houston and won't be without electricity for too long. Once electricity is back we will head home. Thank you for everyone's love and support. We will keep you posted as events arrive.

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Anonymous said...

So glad you guys are all safe and still able to blog!!! And Teri I hope you are feeling better today than you were last night. Take care, love Deb