Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Doctor's Visit - 23w 5d

Sandra is still a major concern. She is measuring about 3 weeks behind her sisters. All four still have strong steady heartbeats. I had 8 tubes of blood drawn today to test to see if something could be found why Sandra is so small. I do know that I have a positive ANA. In past have been told it means nothing. My doctor said that it could mean that Sandra isn't getting the amount of blood that she needs. If that is the case I will begin daily shots of a blood thinner to help. If that is the reason for her lack of growth then the shots will help quickly. So, Sandra needs extra thoughts and prayers by all!

My contractions have increased recently but don't need to go on a medicinal pump yet. My fluids were good! I now will be seeing the doctor every week so that we can monitor Sandra closely! We were told that we may have to deliver early for a better survival rate of all due to Sandra's size. Grow Sandra Grow!!!!


Anonymous said...

Maybe Sandra just takes after her mama, more petite then the rest of us. (do you like the way I put that?) deffinately will focus prayers for Sandra. When you say deliver early what dates are they concidering? Glad to hear the Gustov is gone, Hanah on her way though I guess. We will be thinking of you Ter; Sam, Sara and I will be all together for a few days later this month. Going up to visit; Brit and Aaron and Bethany will be coming with me. Tiff has volley ball. We have not been together the three of us in forever!!!!!!!!!!! We need a family reunion after the babes are born!!!!!! have a great day, love Deb

Anonymous said...

I'll definately be keeping Sandra, as well as the rest of you all, in my prayers. I hope the tests come back well and you'll just need to do the shots. Keep us posted and take care!! --Kim

Anonymous said...

Well it's Friday thank God! Have a wonderful weekend every one!

eat, rest, plenty of fluids; eat, rest, plenty of fluids; eat........you get the point. And GROW SANDRA GROW!!!!!!!!!! Love Deb