Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ike is Headed Our Way

Hurricane Ike is heading our dirrection. My doctor called me this morning and wants me to evacuate to Dallas (4 hours North-that is without evacuation traffic). I am now trying to find a hotel that is near a good hospital. I need a hotel with a big comfy bed and a big kitchen for Josh and Mom to cook in. I have a nurse coming in today to start my terb pump. I also am doing a 24 hour contraction monitoring today. I guess I should never have complained about wearing it for one hour twice a day. ha ha


Anonymous said...

You know the prayers are rolling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you guys, be safe. love Deb

Anonymous said...

Hi guys ! ever since I heard the good news , I"ve had you in my prayers.everything will be fine Terry . I was glad that Ike didn't do more damage to your property Love you Aunt Sandy.