Saturday, September 20, 2008

26th Week Doictor Visit

We had a very exciting visit yesterday! The girls are all growing like crazy! I hope you are ready for this: Hannah weighs two pounds, Makaila weighs one pound thirteen ounces, Samantha weighs one pound twelve ounces, and Gertrude (aka the child formerly known as Sandra) weighs one pound three ounces. Teri has decided to call her Gertrude until she catches up to the others! Ha Ha! Seriously, we are considering changing her name to Casandra so that all the children will have different initials. Judging from the weights, it looks like Gertrude is falling further behind. However, according to the calculations from all the measurements she gained about three days gestationally since the last visit. The doctor was pleased with the progress. We are still concerned about her, but as long as she continues to show this kind of progress there is no need to panic. Teri still does not have to take insulin, but the doctor did mention its impending arrival in the coming weeks. We are on a mission to beef up her diet (literally) on ensure that she stays off of that for as long as possible.

Everything is starting to return to normal (in our house) in the wake of Hurricane Ike. However, 47% of the Houston area is still without power and at least 22,000 residents remain in shelters. Josh went back to work on Thursday, but many of his students are unable to make it to class yet. Fortunately, none of his students were harmed.

We want to thank all of you for the continued support, but we are going to need it more than ever in the coming weeks. We started the third trimester this week, and Teri already has six pounds twelve ounces of babies in her. She is in for the fight of her life over the next several weeks! She is going to need everyone at some point to give her the old pep talk! You can do it! Keep up the good work! and of course, We Love You!!!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on the good news of the girls healthy report! Sounds like Gertie is working real hard to catch up, all you hard work has paid off Teri, keep hanging in there! Your in the the home stretch so to speak. Love the hand and foot prints!!!!!!!
Also glad to hear power is back on, what an ordeal!!!!!

Love Deb