Sunday, November 23, 2008

What a Week!

First, we want to welcome Teri's sister Deb. She has been a big help already. Deb and Samantha had a nice little chat her first night. She will be with us until Christmas Eve, and we plan to keep her busy, busy, busy!

Teri is here with Samantha, and during this feeding Samantha was able to finish her entire meal via the bottle. The rewards for her accomplishment were monumental for the family!

We have come to realize that Hannah is by far our best sleeper. She wakes up to fuss when she wants to change positions, but other than that she is all about sleeping and growing. Makaila is upset in the picture below. We think she just needed a change of scenery. She is going to be so thrilled when she finds out that we are going to give her just that.

As you can see by theses pictures, it was time for three of the girls to move out of their incubators. Makaila (left)and Hannah (right)were reunited for the first time since birth. Makaila immediately tried to start up a conversation, but Hannah just wanted to know where the other two girls were. Then she fell back to sleep.

We were so overwhelmed having three of our girls in the same crib. What a huge step towards having them come home. They are so adorable together! They enjoy looking at each other, and they often grunt in approval. They also like to get the hiccups at the same time. As you can see, Dad is trying to comfort Samantha on the left and Makaila on the right as they go through one of their hiccup spells.

OK, all three of us feeding the girls at the same time had to be one of the funnest days of the year thus far. Makaila, Hannah, and Samantha enjoyed their first first feed together. Unfortunately, they were too tired from the move from their incubators to the crib and spending time with each other to drink very much from the bottle. I am sure we will have better luck today!

Don't worry, we have not forgotten about Sandra. I have to say that she did throw a bit of a fit when her sisters moved into the crib, and she didn't. We made sure that we spent some extra time with her, and that seemed to settle her down. When Teri held her, Sandra was able to climb all the way up to Teri's neck. She is so strong! She just needs to grow. The good news is that she has only had one Brady in the last three days, and we think the C-pap will come off again on Monday or Tuesday. She has also been tolerating her food very well. Someday soon, she will be back with her sisters where she belongs.

We will close this post with a picture of Hannah closing out her day bundled up enjoying her pacifier. She sucked on her pacifier for nearly thirty minutes. At which point, she spit in out, and fell fast asleep!


Anonymous said...

Oh my are your girls cute!!!! I love the pictures and info on the girls. Thanks for keeping us informed. I read what you wrote to grandma and she got a big kick hearing all the up dated info. Love to all
Aunt Linda

Anonymous said...

Now I understand why it is so hard for Josh and Teri to update the blog here. Having four babies in NICU is time consuming and exhausting. The trips to and from the hospital are the most difficult. Even though being in NICU and loving on the girls is so much fun, it is draining with all the monitors and alarms and then seeing other babies who are not doing as well as our brave girls are. And it seems the normal routine in NICU is you hope for good days but be ready for set backs and take one day at a time!

Josh and Teri are very prepared for the blessed coming home day!!!! Thank you to everyone at PEACE HEALTH for the hundreds and hundreds of diapers that will keep our girls clean and dry for a while. Estimated diaper count per day = at least 32, and Makaila and Hannah like to go thru 2 diapers in one change! :}

have a great day everyone!

Auntie Debbie

Christa said...

Hi Terri,
It's your hygienist again. WOW!!! the girls are doing amazing! I love seeing all the pictures and what everyone is up to. This year you have so much to be Thankful for! I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving!