Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Big step for Samantha

Samantha's arm is doing so much better! So much so that she no longer needs dressing changes! Just a little A & D ointment a couple of times a day! Here you see a picture of her getting rid of her very last bandage!!!!!! Bye Bye bandage!

Sandra had a very big day as well. Her belly was distended again and taken off her feed. To be on the safe side a barium enema was ordered to check for any lower bowel obstruction. Teri went with her and she came back bragging on her because she did so well! And good news is that nothing of any concern showed up on the exam. GOOD GIRL SANDRA! Mom promised her an ice cream cone as a big girl reward but she was too tired from the days activities to take her up on that. (rain check mom).

Feeding time at the Duggan crib; I think the three girls were on a pity feeding strike because they feel sad for Sandra, they all held back on their bottle feedings today. Or maybe they are doing what we all are doing, saving our bellies for Thanks giving day! We shall see tomorrow. Mom held and fed Makaila; Dad, Samantha and I held and fed Hannah. Daddy comforted Sandra during a well deserved Kangaroo hold while awaiting her trip to radiology. She is still a peanut but growing as fast as she can and is oh so adorable. Also she is doing well on nasal cannula set on 1/2 liter.

Nanna and Grandpa's first visit!

Cuddle Time!

I think the staff at NICU will be on pins and needles tomorrow when we show up! Hospital policy allows babies to have mom and dad and four visitors at a time. OK, that is per baby! we joked with them and said we were bringing all 18 visitors tomorrow!!! :} They rolled their eyes at us!

Best news for last! Tally up the votes! One of our precious girls is set to come home next week. And although Sandra would like to express her gratitude to her fans who voted for her, it will be Samantha passing go and collecting 200 dollars on discharge day! (ya we wish) :} Teri wanted her to be discharged Sunday Nov 30th (Teri's birthday) but Dr said that is pushing it mom! We will be happy with what ever day Samantha chooses to come home!

A wonderful diaper donation from the Ladies at Peace Health! Thank you so much!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, cant believe we are talking about bringing the first baby home! A few more mile stones need to be met; 1. Samantha is now taking 6/8 bottles; she must take all 8. 2. She needs to pass a car seat test. (can you believe that, after all she has been thru they are going to give her a test before she can leave. :} first of many many more to come in your life time girls! The car seat test means that she has to be able to sit in her car seat set up in her crib for one hour with no de - sats. She gets to tries and if she does not tolerate it then she will go home in a bed car seat. 3. mommy and daddy will be tested too. They must spend one night in care by parent and tend to all Samantha's needs and then they will be rewarded with being able to BRING HER HOME!

At this point Teri is tossed between spending time with the girls, running errands to get every thing done before they bring Samantha home and getting caugt up on her sleep! I can only imagine what a tuff decision that is. Pray she does get more sleep in the next few days, she could really use it!

And it goes with out saying; the girls are getting cuter and cuter every day!!!!!!!

Auntie Debbie