Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Daddy and Makaila!

Samantha taking a nap!

Sandra needing some extra help again with breathing!

Hannah fast asleep!

Samantha (left) and Makaila (right) reunite!
Monday morning at around 3 am we got a call from the hospital. Sandra had 7 brady's (where she forgets to breath) and had to be put back on C Pap. She also had a distentended stomach so they stopped her feedings and put her back on IV's and antibiotics in case she had an infection. As of today they put her back on feedings and she is handeling them well. I guess she just gets a little gassy sometimes. The other 3 girls are doing good and growing. Their current weights are...
Makaila 4 lbs
Hannah 3 lbs 15 ozs
Samantha 3 lbs 15 ozs
Sandra 2 lbs 6 ozs


Katherine said...

LOL! Like the vote for who comes homes first. Can't wait to see the girls! I am so excited!!

G-MOM said...

Give my girls hugs and kisses for me, they are so cute and getting bigger, tee Sandra G-Mom is proud of her is is almost to the weight of her sisters when they were all born. Hannaha looks good in green.Love to all G-MOM

Anonymous said...

I am here!!!!!!! And I am so fortunate to have been abel to be here on a very special day for Makaila, Hannah,and Samantha; moving day. They are able to be in the same crib together out of their isolettes. Much easier for us to kiss all over them and hold them when ever we want (which is all the time!!!) Now I get to even change diapers! Makaila must have not liked the diaper I put on her because she immediatley filled it again and required a second change! Speaking of change! Josh and Teri are very grateful for the diaper kitty!! Thank you all at Peace Health!!!

Love Auntie Debbie