Thursday, November 13, 2008

So Proud of My Girls

Look Mom No Nasal Cannula!!!!

Makaila, what is your favorite number?

Look everyone you can finally see my face! Sandra now on nasal cannula!!!!

So, like I have mentioned before there are good days and bad days in the NICU! However, today was a fabulous day! A day filled with good news!

Makaila is still regulating her own temp and doing good. Her feedings were increased to 21 ccs and not having any more tummy problems. She took 5 ccs by a bottle today.

Hannah was taken off of nasal cannula and is doing well breathing on her own. Her feedings were increased to 31 ccs, 3 of which were by a bottle today. Furthermore, she is toady's pooping champion!

Samantha's arm continues to heal day by day, it is looking better. She drank an amazing 15 ccs (half of her intake) with her first bottle and is doing fantastic overall.

Sandra will not be going to Kindergarten with C Pap!. She had been pulling it off more and more lately so they decided to try her on nasal cannula. She is so far doing good. Today was the first time I actually go to see what she looks like. She is beautiful just like her sisters. I think she likes having her C Pap off because she was wide awake for a long time after it was taken out. She can see the world now!!!!


Anonymous said...

What a sweet little face Sandra has. She's so bright eyed and alert. Congratulations to all four (my favorite number) girls on their individual achievements. I think Makaila has broken the Guiness World Book of records on being able to count so young! Loved the you all.


Anonymous said...

I jumped for joy when I saw your last blog entry!!! They are all doing so well. Makaila is holding up one finger for each angle God blessed us with. Just adorable. Sandra has big beautiful eyes!!!!!! Hannah looks so peaceful with out her n/c. And they all look like they have put on some weight!!! I am in packing mode!! will be there shortly, cant wait!!!!!!!! have a great day everyone!!!!!!!

Love Deb

Anonymous said... I can't vote for two girls coming home toghether in the regular I;ll just tell you I have a feeling that Makaila and Hannah will be the first to come home.TOGHETHER!



Grandma W

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that the girls are doing so well. Loving all of the pics. Hope you are finding time to get some rest. Take care!
Kim Rains