Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Change of Command

Today we are having a change of command ceremony. My mother is handing her duties over to Josh's mom, who flew in today from out of state. My mom will be flying out tomorrow since we are having a hail and farewell dinner tonight at Red Lobster. Thanks mom for your continued help and support.

My blood sugars have been so good lately that the other night I decided to treat myself. I really wanted pickles dipped in chocolate frosting (a favorite prior to pregnancy. Don't knock it until you try it!). But instead had pretzels dipped in frosting. My blood sugars went high after the snack and I will not be able to treat my sweet tooth until after the babies are here.
Is it July 8th yet? This is a question I constantly am asking Josh. It is my next long ultra sound appointment, where we will hopefully see what kind we are having. ha ha For those who know me, I usually shake or even open birthday and Christmas presents way before I am allowed. So, not knowing what we are having is driving me crazy! I hope they co-operate and show us!

The heat has been bad lately! Being from California I am not used to this hot humid weather! I am inside a lot lately but when I do go out it's difficult with the extra weight, size, belly brace, Crocs (instead of my favorite flip flops) and big bulky bras, I am extremely hot and sweaty!

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