Friday, July 4, 2008

Car Seats (Trouble)

The good news is we got all the car seats in the Yukon. The bad news is that we have no place to put the strollers, and getting to the Baby in the back seat on the driver's side is going to be very difficult. We are going to have to either take two cars everywhere, or we are going to have to find covers for the strollers and strap them to the top of the truck. Even that won't help us make sure we can get to all the babies. Not to mention, as soon as the babies grow out of these carseats we won't be able to fit all four in the Yukon. Can you say minivan? We really love the Yukon, but it may not be practical for the five years extra we wanted to keep it. Does anyone know a minivan that can pull a 5000 lb boat and trailer?

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