Thursday, July 24, 2008

18 Weeks

My blood pressure seems to have regulated. What a difference! I feel so much better and apparently look better! For all those who have worried about hurricane Dolly, we are safe. She turned and hit more South than first anticipated. We have been having HEAVY wind and rain lately though. 5 more days until I get to see the kids again. And 7 days until I get to see their Daddy! I am on count down mode. ha ha Maxine has been unruly lately. She recently has eaten two throw rugs and actually even ate the carpet on the stairs today. With Daddy gone, me on bed rest, strangers visiting and the weather her world has been turned upside down. I hope she becomes the good girl she once was when Daddy gets home! Today I had a phone conference with a nutritionist. The mothers have been doing great on the meal planning because the nurse said we are doing great!

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Anonymous said...

And we all know what a chore it is to keep you (and the babies) fed! ha ha. Glad to hear the good report from the nutritionist. Poor maxine, she must know something is up! Maybe Daddy can get her settled back down when he comes home. Isnt he her walking partner? Have a good night. Deb