Friday, July 18, 2008

Abdomen Pain and Pressure

Last night I was having some discomfort and pressure in my lower abdomen. So, I put on the monitor for an hour. The nurse called and said it looked good. I talked to her about what I was feeling and she wanted me to do another monitor. The second results showed one contraction and uterine irritability. My pressure was now turning into pain that made me grimace. The nurse then decided to call my doctor and update her. Dr. Palmer said that I was having round ligament pain. Ouch! Basically the ligaments that hold my uterus are stretching and can be very painful. So, I've learned the less I move the less pain I have. Have I mentioned that I drink at least a gallon of fluids a day? So, I move a lot to use the restroom. This should be interesting! The kids kept me awake late into the night. They were so active. They absolutely hate the monitor so they were probably getting back at me for using it 3 times yesterday. It is actually fun to feel who is moving and when. It gets interesting when all 4 get going though! I hope to get a current picture posted soon. With Josh gone it is more difficult. He is the picture poster. 13 more days he should be home. He is really missing us now especially since I am feeling the kids so much lately. Maxine has been acting up with him gone too and dosen't like to listen to G-Ma.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, So glad your pains fall within normal pains for what is going on in your uterus. I remember those pains, I cant imagine how it must feel with quads. It must bring a lot of peace knowing you can get such quick response from you OB team, that is awesome! Look forward to your next set of pics. Hope you have a restful and peaceful weekend. Love Deb