Sunday, March 1, 2009

Food glorious food!

Josh and I have had dinners delivered to us for about a month and a half now. The meals have been so delicious and well thought out. We get a variety and many courses. We have never met these people before they so graciously bring us meals. Prior to the help we would either go without or if we were lucky we'd grab and run usually a boring sandwich. The meals help us out so much. I wanted to tell all of you; "Thank you from the bottom of our hearts".

We as usual have a busy week ahead of us. On Monday we have a nutritionist coming to the house, Tuesday the occupational therapist comes to work with Hannah and Thursday is Samantha's physical therapy. But, we are all looking forward to Wednesday. We are counting the days. G Ma (Josh's mom) will be returning. YEAH! It will be nice to have the extra hands here. Hannah and Makaila have been struggling with reflux and require being held a lot more now. With the extra help, I also plan to organize and Spring clean.

The girls are a lot more alert now and curious about their surroundings. They love their mobiles. We had the kind that came with their bedding and only ran for I think 30 seconds. Our hands were getting sore winding them up so this weekend I got them mobiles that last for 20 minutes by remote control. Woo hoo! The girls are also holding their head up more and more and smiling more often. Sandra is still eating every two hours during the day. They all sleep after the midnight feeding until the 8 am. That is such a huge relief.

One of the small things that I do to help get through the difficult days is to take one of the girls and Maxine (the dog) for a walk to the mailbox daily. I rotate (in birth order) so they all get an equal time out. I am in the hunt for a quadruplet stroller. I have in narrowed down to two options. Yes, there are a few out there. It will be so nice to be able to take all four out on walks together. I plan on ordering (whichever one I decide on) one next week.


Anonymous said...

Is Sandra not wearing her heart monitor in this picture? Samantha sure looks like something is tickling her! 8O)

Misty said...

I just found your blog & am so happy to see another family of GGGG quads! I see I have alot of reading to catch up on, but I wanted to congratulate you! I also live in TX!
Feel free to email me anytime,