Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We have a roller!

Yesterday was another busy day. I had to take Sandra to her last Synagis shot. However, it was over an hour away. It is great to know that the girls are finished with their RSV shots. After dropping Sandra back off at home and feeding the girls I had to leave again with Samantha to go to her plastic surgery appointment. The good news is that she no longer has to wear her silicone sleeve. Her arm is still healing and requires weekly physical therapy and daily massage. Her arm is very sore and she gets very upset for her massages. The doctor said that she will need plastic surgery when she is one to two years old to relieve the tissue that is so tight. Another good thing is that she does not have to go back for six months.

After a tiring day and a struggle with extreme highs and lows of my blood sugars, I needed a boost. And wouldn't you know it the girls pulled me through. One of the girls rolled over. She almost even did a 360 because she had so much momentum. So you ask who was the first to roll over! Little peanut Sandra! Yeah! You go girl!


Anonymous said...

She's a corker. She'll do a lot of other "firsts" too just you wait and see. Way to go Sandra....show 'em what Peanut is made of.

We love you

Manana and Papa

Nancie said...

Way to go Sandra! Didn't I tell you the smallest is always the spunkiest? Keep an eye on that one!