Sunday, February 22, 2009

Much Needed Visitors!

Daddy and his girls!

Three generations; the girls with their Daddy and Grandpa1

Samantha welcoming Sandra home!

Giggely Samantha!

Happy Hannah!

These girls sure are cute but they are a handful!

The girls love their Grandpa!

After a very difficult week, we ended it on a high note. Josh's dad and Linda flew in to visit for the weekend. The extra hands were sure appreciated and much needed since Josh and I were physically and emotionally beat. The girls really enjoyed the visit with their Grandpa. It was so cute to see them all with him. Thank you Linda and Dad for all the help!

Friday the girls had their four month immunizations and well check. As always, we had a lot of questions. We really like our pediatrician. She is caring, full of info and very patient with us. Some great news came from the appointment. Hannah NO LONGER has a heart mur mur; which means her PDA has closed up. Makaila, Hannah and Samantha are growing like weeds so much that we were able to switch their formula. They are doing so good they are even close to the four month size graph (even though they are 2 months adjusted). Unfortuately Samantha still has her heart mur mur. The doctor said she doesn't think it sounds like a PDA and has referred her to a cardiologist for a repeat echocardiogram. Sandra, is well below the growth charts (even for a two month old). It didn't help that she lost weight in the hospital. She is still on the premmie formula. Our hope is that she will start to catch up now that she can enjoys her bottles. Oh by the way, the sugery she had shrank her stomach. She now has to eat at least every two hours. So, she is on her own schedule.

Hannah and Samantha were retested for their hearing tests. Hannah passed with no problems. Samantha still did not pass her left ear and will go back in May to retest AGAIN. Makaila's voice is still concerning. She is now going to be referred to another doctor with the possibility of doing a scope on her to see what sort of damage took place. Samantha now sees a physical therapist once a week for her arm. Luckily, he comes to the house for the visits. She absolutley hates her daily deep massages. We were told if she cried during her five inute massage we were doing it right. It is just awful to have to inflict pain on her daily. It makes Josh and I want to cry when we do it.


Lil Mama said...

Holy Cow! You must NEVER sleep. Hang in there. I am sure if Jon and Kate + 8 can do it you can do it with 4.

Building Life in AK said...

You guys can do it better than Jon & Kate. I love them and their show, but watch it to remind me how NOT to behave as a wife!
Okay, I still don't know if I can pick Hannah and Makaila apart, but PLEASE would you wake that baby up? Who is that? She is ALWAYS asleep-too cute.
I love the newest pics and hope you can enjoy Gpa's visit.
Teri, your hair IS short! It reminds me of St Mary's days hee hee.
Miss you guys

Debbie said...

Couldn't wait to get home so I could post because for some reason, I can not post at work. They look so fabulous you guys! It makes me so happy to see them smiling now. What cute little smiles they have. It's got to be hard for the grandparents to leave, but I hope their being there allowed the both of you to catch up a little bit on your sleep. (ok I know you will catch up on sleep sometimes in your 50's) but I can still hope for you!

Love you guys, kiss them over and over and over again for me!