Thursday, March 19, 2009

Surgery is scheduled

Samantha had her cardiology appointment yesterday. After waiting over two hours to be taken to a room we saw the doctor. Any one who hears her heart pipes up with a "Wow"! Not all PDA's have to be surgically repaired. But Samantha's is wide open and causing the left side of the heart to over work and start to get enlarged. She also starts to pant and sweat and requires breaks during her bottles. The doctor showed me the different devices that will be used for the surgery. There are two main devices used to close a PDA; a spring and a plug. She will have the plug placed since her opening is wide open. I am still amazed that this will be placed through a groin vein and all the way to the heart through a catheter. They will put contrast on her heart to be able to see the rest of the heart. She also has a small hole in her upper part of her heart. The doctor said that 25% of the population has it and don't even know it. So, they are not concerned about it. The surgery is scheduled for April 14th and will last about three hours. She will be in the hospital for two days. She will be in a different hospital than Sandra was in for her surgery. Hopefully we will have better care. Through all of this Samantha still lights up the room with her big smiles.


Anonymous said...

Dear little Giggles will sail through this next ordeal while charming all the doctors and their staff...of this I am certain. Give her extra hugs from Manana.

Debbie said...

We do love her little smiles! And hopefully after surgery we will see an increase in her energy level. Thank goodness it has not stoped her from growing!

Kiss all of your little chamrocks for me please!

Love Auntie Debbie

Anonymous said...

Samantha will do great I'm sure. Glad to hear that she will be at a different hospital. Hope everyone else is doing well. Love the 'Lucky Charms' pics. Take care!!