Friday, March 6, 2009

Welcome back G Ma

G Ma arrived on Wednesday! It was so nice to have her back. The girls really missed her, including Maxine the dog. For those who have noticed Sandra not wearing her apnea monitor; she actually is but just unplugged. The only time her alarms go off now is when she wiggles and the wire gets loose. She technically is being monitored until March 25th but we like to unplug the wires more often now.

Since G ma has arrived we have been hand feeding the girls most of the time. The feedings go so much faster now. When Josh is at work we prop Samantha and hand feed Hannah and Makaila. Sandra is still on an every two hour schedule during the day.

Today was such a nice day Josh, Maxine and I took the girls for their first walk around the neighborhood. They really seemed to enjoy it. However, it took more time getting them ready and in the strollers then the walk itself. It was so nice to get out and get some fresh air though. As soon as the stroller got going, Hannah fell asleep. I told Josh that I was going to take her for walks after every feed. ha ha


Anonymous said...

Loved the caravan. Bet it was fun. The girls will realy enjoy outings. We used to put one of you kids in the car if you fussed and wouldn't settle down for a nap. We'd drive around the block which put little fussy to sleep instantly...then back home for a two or three hour nap. The baby never woke up while being carried into the house and put in the crib,,,,crazy.


manana and papa

Nick & Kelly said...

We took ours for a walk a few weeks ago. They loved it, but hated the wind! I'm glad you all had a great time!

Building Life in AK said...

I like how the story goes "one of you kids" were thrown in the are you ever going to keep "the stories" straight when they ALL happen at once? I BET, I wasn't the fussy one, and also bet YOU were the one who needed car rides.
The walk looks fun, and SUNNY!!! We just got back from ours, and I know we must look ridiculous. I have to straddle in my snow boots, slightly apply the stroller brakes, and "ski" down our steep driveway. Then, I lamely push our rugged chariot through the deep snow, and it takes FOREVER just to go a short distance. Roman's head is bopping around, Tahoe is full-steam-ahead, and I am praying that I can make it back to the house if I go into labor :P We had fun, and our sun us shining brightly.
Have fun with Gma and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Debbie said...

I am so glad you were able to get out of the house to do something other than go to the hospital, it must have been fabulous for you! I have to giggle thogh, I remember how hard it was to keep socks on just one! and even though you can only see two feet in this picture, one is without sock! ha ha, it will be an everlasting challenge to have all four girls with all 8 sock on all 8 little feet! :#)

Miss you all, have a great day!