Sunday, July 5, 2009

Randon Tidbits

On Friday, we took the girls to see Dr. Palmer (the best Maternal Fetal doctor ever) for my post op check. The office was excited to see the girls and we all were excited to see them. This time, I did bring my camera but they were so busy I didn't want to interrupt their office more than we already did. Today, we took the girls grocery shopping with us for the first time. It is more work with loading them and the stroller but I wanted them to get out of the house and I need the experience of dealing with the public. The girls did great, I am so proud of them.

We had a quiet 4th of July! We watched the local fireworks from our driveway with a few neighbors. The girls slept through it all! Maxine hates fireworks so we had to calm her down after. The girls wore their holiday outfits to Dr. Palmers and they messed up their dresses before I got pics. So, you will just have to believe me when I say they were stinking cute in their red, white and blue dresses!

Some new things the girls are doing: Samantha and Makaila reach up to be picked up. It is so darn cute! It is going to get hard when they all are doing it and want to be picked up at the same time. But right now it is adorable. Samantha started kissing! She smacks her lips like a kiss and imitates me when I blow her kisses. I am trying to teach her now to kiss on the cheek. She absolutely loves to be smothered with kisses on the her face. She just giggles and giggles. She is starting to really get around on the floor. She gets up on her knees and pushes her head forward. She will probably be crawling soon. She rolls around the floor the most. Hannah loves to have blankets over her face and cuddle. I do not let her go to bed with a blanket so she has learned to pull her crib bumper and pull that over her face. She is so darn silly. Sandra has been blowing raspberries all day! She does it when she is tired, happy, hungry, playing, fussy, watching tv, mad, or for no reason at all. The girls have always noticed Maxine (the dog). But now they reach out to touch her and play with her hair. Samantha even "walked" over in her Jenny Jump Up to pet her when she was eating! It is fun to watch the interactions.

Samantha is all over her crib now!

Sandra wakes up so happy and grinning from ear to ear every morning!

Makaila playing with her teddy bear in the morning!

Hannah playing Peek-a-Boo with her crib bumper!

Sandra loves to have her arm behind her head when she is not sucking her thumb!

Samantha showing off how she can hold a bottle on her own!

The girls first time grocery shopping! Thank you Aunt Debbie for the cute outfits!


Kimberly & Alex said...

too cute! so are you feeling any better yet?

Debbie said...

Shopping with quads! You are a very brave women! How do you get the stroller in all those tiny isles in the grocery store. Of course you guys are bigger than anyone else so they see you coming and they probably run! :) The updates on the girls new stunts are exciting, cant imagine the fun you guys are having right now! Miss you all!!!!!!!

Kelly Trullinger said...

Isn't it fun going out shopping?'s a pain, but i is fun. My Sarah does the same thing with her bumper in the crib!