Monday, July 20, 2009

Props to Samantha and Sandra

Friday the girls celebrated their ¾ birthday. Yes, they turned 9 months old. Boy, is time flying by. They had a great visit at the pediatricians. They all got good reports. The new weights/heights are:
Makaila – 17# 2 oz, 25 ½ in.
Hannah – 17# 6 oz, 25 ½ in.
Samantha – 18#, 26 ½ in.
Sandra – 14# 8 oz, 24 ½ in.

Makaila and Hannah are in the 25th percentile. Samantha in the 50th % and Sandra is just touching the charts. These %’s are with their actual age not their corrected age (6 ½ months old). So, what that means is that they are doing awesome. Size wise they have caught up. We are so proud of them. They got the go ahead for dairy and meats. They love yogurt and hate chicken. And for their birthday, they got to enjoy a little vanilla ice cream. So I am going to be trying different recipes. Yesterday, I boiled and cubed 12 pounds of chicken. Chicken is the main meat that we eat here. So I freeze one pound bags of chicken for later meals. It makes life so much easier. I also chopped up a few onions and put them in baggies. Whatever makes life easier!

A huge accomplishment this week is that Samantha and Sandrahave held her bottle for entire feedings. So now they are without prop. Props to them! Ha ha The other two can hold their bottles and will put back into their own mouths if they fall out but prefer the prop to do most of the work. We’ve tried sippy cups several times. But they do great holding them but just chew on the nipple. So we will continue to work with them. Sandra and Samantha are all over the place. It is amazing! Poor Maxine gets a lot of hair pulling and tail tugging. She is so patient with them though! We also no longer put them in their swings. Does any one need four swings? They take up so much room but well worth it while it lasted!

We actually have a quiet week ahead of us. So who knows what will actually happen! We got some rain last night and hope to get more this week. We are still on water rations, our lawn looks pathetic.

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Anonymous said...

The girls are so cute!!! Good job girls on your grouth. Such cute pictures,I loved the one of Sandra sticking her toung out, what a smile. Tell my girls G-Ma misses them and will see them soon. Thanks for the update. Love to all G-Ma

Kimberly & Alex said...
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Debbie said...

I just love these video clips! My favorite picture of course is the Tongue on Sandra (?) {maybe Samantha} :) I am so happy to see that Maxine has lived up to her sweet reputation and is so patient with them. The five of them have many years of comradery ahead!

Miss you all, Love Deb

Kelly Trullinger said...

Congrats on the pediatrician's visit! We had ours today. Our's did well too. I'll be posting on the next blog! I'm so glad they are doing well and are cute as ever!